Sarah Harkins

Sarah Harkins Stings: Pregnant Mother Of Four Killed By Wasp Stings

Sarah Harkins was killed by wasp stings after accidentally disturbing a nest that was in her backyard. According to NewsOXY, the pregnant mother of four could not have predicted what would happen to her on that fateful day. You see, Harkins was stung so many time and the trauma caused an aneurysm in her brain to dislodge.

Her husband said that she “fell unconscious” after she was stung several times and needed to be rushed to the hospital. While she did have an allergic reactions to the stings, doctors ended up finding the aneurysm, and it was too late; it has already dislodged.

Harkins’ husband is obviously devastated, but he is finding comfort in the fact that he was able to say goodbye.

“I’m thankful to the medic for giving me and the kids that chance, bringing her back enough so we could say goodbye to her.”

Sarah Harkins’ stings may have “caused” her death, but her actual cause of death was not anaphylaxis — it was due to the brain aneurysm. Her husband is now a single dad, raising four children, the youngest with Down Syndrome. Liam, 7, Analee, 5, Jude, 3, and Faustina, 1, all have each other, which is wonderful, and makes this a tiny bit easier. Even still, the financial burden is something that many don’t want Sarah’s husband, Eric, to face alone. Several funding pages have been set up to assist him, and so far, thousands of dollars have been donated to help him and his children.

Eric will miss his wife, and the love that they shared was something beautiful.

“Her passing was so tough, because I love her so much. She’s a gift that was given from God; He knows that I needed her and she was this amazing gift.”

Sarah Harkins suffered many stings, but it’s unknown exactly how many her body sustained. Sadly, when someone gets stung several times, whether they are allergic or not, the body sometimes can’t handle the trauma. As previously reported by The Inquisitr, a mayor in a small town in Canada was stung by wasps last month and died from her injuries. 51-year-old Lucie Roussel was on vacation when she came in contact with the wasps. She was survived by her husband and her two children, both over 18.

Wasps can be very aggressive, and upsetting a nest — even if it’s an accident — is far from a good thing.

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