Marilyn Monroe

Marilyn Monroe Dies On This Day in 1962

Marilyn Monroe was found dead in her Hollywood home 52 years ago on this date in 1962. And 52 years later, her death is still drawing huge amounts of interest.

Though others who have died do draw fascination, she remains that rarest of luminaries some 52 years after her untimely death. Tuesday, August 5 is that anniversary, and, as is tradition, Monroe fans will migrate to the Pierce Brothers Westwood Village Memorial Park and Mortuary, the burial site for the icon, to pay fond tribute, according to NBC Los Angeles.

Hollywood Museum founder Donelle Dadigan will speak at the 11 am event. The museum is currently featuring an exhibit dedicated to the actress that will reopen tomorrow morning. The Westwood Village Memorial Park is open to visitors 8 am to dusk, and flowers are very often left by fans for the actress. And a trip through Hollywood? It’s hard to walk a block down the boulevard and not see Ms. Monroe’s sunny visage on posters and postcards.

Monroe was one of Hollywood’s greatest dichotomies. Her photos are prevalent, yet she tried greatly to guard her private life from the world. Fans were voracious in their appetite for Marilyn, often thought of as the pinnacle of sexuality, sensuality and beauty in that, and future, eras.

What makes Monroe’s death so compelling after 52 years is the mystery behind her death. Even now, Monroe’s death at the age of 36 left the world and her fans with so many more questions than answers. According to Metro, there are at a few possible explanations. The coroner’s official conclusion as to cause of death was suicide by overdose. The report read: ‘Miss Monroe has suffered from psychiatric disturbance for a long time. On more than one occasion… when disappointed or depressed, she has made a suicide attempt. On these occasions, she had been rescued. It is our opinion the same pattern was repeated [on August 4] except for the rescue.”

Marilyn had indeed overdosed many times before, and was reportedly very disturbed in the weeks before her death. Yet, no amphetamines were found in her stomach. So if she did die of overdose, how did she ingest the pills? Was it a part of a conspiracy? Was it a cover up? Was it murder? Was it mafia-related?

One salient point remains the only fact; the world lost an incredible talent, lost a definition of beauty. We lost Marilyn. Hollywood, as it will, has tried to recreate Marilyn, only to constantly fail. There had been, and will be, only one Marilyn Monroe, and there will never be another.

Goodbye, Norma Jean….