John Kerry

John Kerry Riding A Girly Pink Bike Makes Internet Rounds, Some Nod In Approvement, Others Laugh Out Loud [PICTURE]

Most people think of John Kerry as a man who ran for president against George W. Bush, and lost. He is also known for his political views on how Israel should handle their situations with her neighbors, mostly by giving up more and more land. He’s also known for his involvement with the Russia-Ukraine conflict too. Overall, he is known for his political career.

Unfortunately for John Kerry, that may change because reports are coming in of a candid photo of the former democratic presidential hopeful of riding a bike. What stands out about the picture is the bike isn’t just any regular bike, but one painted a castrating girly pink.

According to an article by Daily Mail, John Kerry, who is rarely camera-shy, couldn’t be found on Saturday and Sunday. Apparently, he was riding a female-model, pink, Pee-Wee Herman-style bicycle near his home in the swanky island of Nantucket.

From what user “landogramms” says, John Kerry was not to pleased having his picture taken. Besides the apparent pink bike, it looks as if he was walking his dog that day. The look on his face also seems to look as if he was confused but it is very hard to tell because it is kind of grainy.

In another article by The Blaze, they criticized John Kerry for taking a vacation during a time when his services are needed the most, especially pertaining to the Middle East. They even brought up this isn’t the first time Kerry sidelined his responsibilities too. Last August, they took photographs of Kerry kiteboarding as Egyptian violence claimed hundreds of lives. Just last month, he was photographed again frolicking about during the issue with ISIS.

The article also put President Barack Obama on the spot with pictures of him wearing “mom jeans”, along with the fact several other photos have surfaced. Some reports on Obama’s picture cast their opinions, in which New Republic simply said that he rides a bike like a nerd.

Now that you seen the “degrading” pictures, we want to hear from all of you. What do you all think about the picture of John Kerry riding a pink bike? Do you no your head in approval or are you laughing out loud right now? Let us know in the comments below.

[Image via “landogramms” Instagram]