Lorde, Royals, cattle, music, trombone

‘Serenading Cattle With My Trombone’: Man Rocks Lorde’s Royals On Trombone And Cattle Come Calling (Video)

While YouTube has firmly established itself as both an American and international treasure with forever immortal and iconic video moments like “Charlie Bit My Finger” and “Don’t Tase Me Bro,” the first week of August 2014 has served up some gems of its own that may be on their way to similar YouTube Hall of Fame consideration.

First there was “Stella’s Dog Brakes,” featuring an irresistible yellow lab with its own technique for coming to a halt. Then on Stella’s heels came a dancing man kicking up his heels in “Happiest Man in the World.”

Now there’s “Serenading the Cattle With My Trombone,” which has quickly taken off, lighting up its YouTube universe faster than you can say “Tillman, the Skateboarding Dog.”

As with many videos that go viral, “Serenading the Cattle With My Trombone” has an intangible quality of bizarre elements that somehow come together to create magic – kind of like a peanut butter cup.

But there is seemingly magic taking place in “Serenading the Cattle With My Trombone,” cattle materializing over the horizon of a tranquil field bathed in a Mid-West dusk while a man plays Lourde’s sublime hit, Royals, on his trombone.

Lorde, Royals, cattle, music, trombone
Cattle emerge over the horizon of a dusky field, responding to the man in the cowboy hat as he plays Lorde’s Royals on his trombone.

Like the Pied Piper using his music to get the rats, and then children, to follow him out of town, so too does the man serenading the cattle have an amazing power over the bovine crowd that continues toward him, finally congregating as if at a concert. The cattle also cheer as if they’re enjoying, or berating, the show, mooing and braying in what could be interpreted as either cheers or, possibly, concern.

Regardless, the video isn’t just standing around grazing but pulling that plow and attracting a significant YouTube audience.

Just posted on Sunday, August 3, “Serenading the Cattle With My Trombone” has already roped in over 1,820,000 viewers, which is more flies than you’d find at a barbecue!

Of those 1,820,000 views, a prime cut of 17,602 have given “Serenading the Cattle With My Trombone” a “Hooves Up” vote, with 542 (probably a bunch of non-musically inclined vegetarians) giving it a “Hooves Down” vote. Come on people, what the hay?

Lorde, Royals, trombone, music, cowboy, cattle
Nearly 20,000 viewers of “Serenading the Cattle With My Trombone” have voted “Hooves Up”, while 542, presumably non-musically inclined vegetarians, have voted “Hooves Down”.

Along with all the viewers also come lots of comments, from the funny to the negative to the rude and obnoxious, but sometimes just nice as the milk in a baby’s bottle:

“So cute! Sounds like at 3:11 they’re singing “royalssss” haha 🙂

Now don’t moo-ve, just grab some leather, sit back and watch the cows come home to Lorde’s Royals in, “Serenading the Cattle With My Trombone”:

Images and video via YouTube