Wade Jackson claim

Michael Jackson Pedophilia Lawsuit: Wade Robson Claims $1.62 Billion For Molestation And Rape

A 31-year-old man, who was born in Brisbane, Australia, has accused the late Michael Jackson of molesting and raping him when he was a child.

Radar Online reported yesterday that Wade Robson, a dance choreographer, alleges that he was extensively molested, raped, and even called “son” by Jackson.

Robson claims that he met Jackson when he was five, and was then systematically raped by him from the ages of seven through 14.

According to the lawsuit for a massive $1.62 billion, the abuse took place at Michael Jackson’s Santa Barbara County ranch, as well as other locations, from 1990 until 1997.

The Jackson estate lawyers have already dismissed the claims as preposterous and outrageous and are rejecting them out of hand.

The 111-page document alleges that Robson was forced to pose naked during sex acts and that he was told by Jackson as he got older not to say anything about the abuse as both their careers would be over and they would go to jail.

Other allegations also include Jackson inviting Robson and his family to stay at his ranch in February, 1990, and the fact that Jackson’s company also helped Mr Robson apply for a U.S. work visa and employed his mother, Joy, in 1991.

Michael Jackson’s estate is asking the court to reject the claims on the basis that Mr Robson waited too long to file, and because Jackson is the only other person with knowledge about the accusations. The fact he has been dead for more than five years means that, obviously he can’t answer the claims against him.

On top of that, Robson apparently supported Jackson throughout his career and, by all accounts, has waited a mighty long time to come forward with the controversial allegations.

To make matters even more complicated, back in 2005 Robson testified, under oath in court, that Michael Jackson had never sexually abused him. At the time, that testimony helped the King of Pop beat charges of molestation in California.

It remains to be seen what will come of the massive claim by Wade Robson on the Michel Jackson Estate, and it will be for the courts to decide if it is valid or not.