Sean Hannity Travels To Israel To Highlight Horrific War Conditions And Expose Infamous Terror Tunnels

As the rest of us either rested or partied this past weekend, intrepid political commentator Sean Hannity caught a flight to Israel for the purpose of highlighting to the world the type of conditions faced everyday by Israeli men, women and children, reports Fox News.

What sort of conditions did Sean Hannity unearth? Think bomb shelters positioned right next to playgrounds. Picture the Iron Dome working nonstop to thwart incoming missiles from Hamas. Or better yet, imagine dozens upon dozens of what The Plain Dealer describes as “terror tunnels,” all of which are designed for purposes of kidnapping, terrorizing and killing Israeli civilians:

The shocking truth is that these “terror tunnels” are constructed via the same concrete and cement that Israel provides Gaza for the purpose of building “houses, roads, schools and sewage systems.” Rather than use them to better their people, however, Hamas instead employs them to keep up its “business of killing Israelis all the time and at any cost, including at the expense of its own suffering population.”

Furthermore, The Jerusalem Post reports that according to an investigation conducted for the Journal of Palestine Studies back in 2012, “Hamas used children to help them dig” many of these tunnels. Even sadder still is that at least 160 (if not far more) of these children have perished inside the “terror tunnels.”

The situation in Israel has grown so dire, as per what National Review refers to as Hamas’ “moral mission” to wipe Israel off the map and exterminate all Jews worldwide (which is explicitly stated in Hamas’ official charter), that a team of Israeli software developers built a free iOS and Android app that according to Computerworld “provides real-time alerts when missiles or rockets are fired into Israel.”

To get an idea of the horror Israelis deal with daily (and what Sean Hannity and his crew must contend with while in Israel), simply download the app, “Red Alert,” program it to send out push notifications and then watch as your device gets hammered with what seem like near-constant terror warnings and alerts.

According to CNN, mind you, Israel and Hamas just agreed on a 72-hour humanitarian cease-fire. Israel also claims that its primary mission has been accomplished:

“‘Mission accomplished,’ the Israel Defense Forces (IDF) said on Twitter. ‘We have dismantled the underground terror network built by Hamas to infiltrate and attack Israel.’ The military said 32 tunnels were destroyed in the four-week conflict.”

However, given Hamas’ stated mission, the rocket attacks on Israel are not likely to stop anytime soon. Neither are the atrocities occurring in both Israel and the Gaza Strip. Speaking of which, according to Inquisitr contributor Addam Corre, back in late July, Hamas killed 30 of its own Palestinian brethren simply because they allegedly collaborated with Israel. Sadly, such massacres are nothing new for the highly tumultuous region.

Regardless, Sean Hannity will be reporting live from Israel until at least Wednesday, August 6th, so make to tune into “Hannity” on the Fox News Channel if you want to learn more.

In the meantime, check out some of Sean Hannity’s reporting on Israel below:

Image via [Fox News]