Dexter Roberts' fever knows him off-course

Dexter Roberts’ Fever: ‘American Idol’ Star Reveals Why He Dropped Out Of Tour

American Idol contestant Dexter Roberts’ fever that led to his early tour departure is now being revealed in full to fans. The singer left the tour due to an unknown illness in July, and now he is sharing more details with fans via his Facebook page.

Dexter Roberts’ fever is due to Rocky Mountain Spotted Fever, he shares. The American Idol alum thanks his fans, family, and friends for “all their prayers, patience and support through my illness.” Roberts notes that he went through months of appointments with doctors and trips to the hospital, and he finally has a diagnosis.

Symptoms Roberts experienced apparently included abdominal issues, muscle pain, shortness of breath, rashes, fevers, and headaches. After a long journey to a diagnosis, it seems that now Dexter Roberts’ fever and other issues apparently can be linked back to a turkey hunt he did in Kentucky after the American Idol finale show in May.

The singer says that he had found several ticks on him during the hunt, but he didn’t think anything of it at the time. After the tour started this summer, he started experiencing a lot of concerning issues. He was unable to get a diagnosis as he tried to continue with the shows, which is why he ultimately abruptly left the American Idol tour. It took until just this week for doctors to finally determine what the issue is, and now he has started medication that should help.

Roberts adds, “Please continue to pray for my full recovery.” He says he knows “God is in control of my life… He is my rock and salvation,” and fans are anxious to lend their support to him during this challenging time. As the CDC reports, Rocky Mountain Spotted Fever is quite serious, as it is potentially fatal. It certainly seems concerning that it took this long for it to be diagnosed, as early intervention is key. Hopefully now that Dexter has been diagnosed, he can begin his path to recovery.

This is the second time this week an American Idol alum has made headlines for health issues, as sadly former Idol contestant Michael Johns died just days ago. This autopsy was inconclusive, and officials are waiting for toxicology reports to determine his cause of death. Hopefully when it comes to Dexter Roberts’ fever issue, there is good news and more touring ahead as the medications lead him down the path of recovery.

[Image via USA Today]