Armadillo cute animal

Let Us Prove To You That An Armadillo Is One Of The Cutest Animals On Earth [Video]

You probably don’t list armadillos high in your ranking of all-time cute animals. In fact, many of us think of the little armadillo as a pest who burrows into the ground and eats plants, destroying crops and gardens. That’s the main reason why many of the 20 different species of armadillo are listed as endangered or otherwise threatened.

That, and the fact that in certain parts of the world, people eat armadillos.

And we get it. It’s hard to work up a lot of love for an animal that looks, close up, like this.

Armadillo close up

But we’re going to change all that. First of all, you should know that even though they have those strange-looking shells, the armadillo is not a reptile or some bizarre alien hybrid animal. The armadillo is a mammal, which means he’s not too far on the genetic family tree from cats, dogs, or for that matter, human beings.

And like all smart little mammals, the armadillo likes to have fun just like any other animal.

We’ve brought you cuteness from otherwise weird animals before. But this video of an armadillo playing with a tiny plastic bear will prove that these funny little guys with the hard shells on their back are no different than any other animals. They just want to live, play, and have fun. And roll around on their hard shell backs.

So watch this super-cute video of an armadillo playing, and then tell us if the little armadillo doesn’t deserve as much love and respect as any living creature.