afghanistant insider attack

Afghanistan Military Base Insider Attack, 12 Americans Wounded

Camp Qargha, a military base in Afghanistan was attacked from within today, according to statements made by a senior United States military officer to Fox News. The military official said that at least one ISAF service members was shot and killed and approximately one dozen Americans were injured.

The alleged shooter was wearing an Afghan army uniform, according to the Associated Press. The shooter, presumed at this point to be from Afghanistan, reportedly opened fire inside the military base and killed a German brigadier general.

Details about the attack at the Afghanistan military base are still evolving, the death toll and casualties figures could change. NATO is investigating what had been deemed an “incident” at Camp Qargha. The base is west of Kabul and is used to train officers for the Afghanistan army.

Afghanistan Defense Ministry spokesman General Mohammad Zahir Azimi took to Twitter to share details about the Camp Qargha. Azimi posted, “A terrorist using the uniform of the Afghan Army opened fire, wounding some.” Afghan officials have not yet elaborated on the shooting at the military base.

Qargha is often referred to as the “Sandhurst in the sand.” British forces supervised the construction of the officer school and the training program at the facility. The British Defense Ministry is also investigating the Afghan base shooting but officials stated that it would be “inappropriate” to comment any further at this time. Last year “insider attacks” occurred ten times, a drop in number from the prior year.

In 2013, 16 people died in such attacks in Afghanistan. In 2012, 38 separate insider attacks occurred, killing 53 coalition troops. The deadly incidents are sometimes cited as proof that Taliban insurgents have infiltrated the Afghan army. The attacks at bases and other military facilities have also been attributed to resentment over the ongoing international presence in the country by the people of Afghanistan, and personal disputes.

The withdrawal of forces from Afghanistan is supposed to be complete by the end of the year. Foreign aid staffers, civilian workers, and contractors are reportedly become targets of violence in the Middle East nation. NATO troops and an Afghan police guard also reportedly exchanged fire today in the eastern Paktia province. The Afghan guard was killed in the gun play, according to provincial police chief General Zelmia Oryakhail. It is not currently known if the two Afghanistan shooting are related.

[Image Via: Allied Command Operations]