Kate Middleton topless

Kate Middleton On Vacation: Topless, Bottomless, Or Both?

Kate Middleton on previous vacations has not been afraid to sunbathe au naturale. Her — probably — unintended exhibitionism in the past created huge controversy at the time.

The difference today is that she is no longer simply Kate Middleton. She is the Duchess of Cambridge, married to the next-but-one heir to the British Throne, and has given birth to a future king.

When she and Prince William were on vacation in 2012 in a chateau in France, she fell victim to the long range lenses of the paparazzi, and images of Kate nude were splashed all over the continental tabloids.

The British media was, in general, somewhat more circumspect, proudly pronouncing it was not willing to show the pics. Someone should have told it that, today, there is a medium for transmitting pictures called the internet.

Privacy laws were invoked to have the images removed, and the photographer and first publisher Closer Magazine, got into all sorts of trouble. They were roundly condemned by the British Press, which was probably simply jealous that it didn’t get the scoop.

Kate enjoys going topless, and bottomless, and has been spotted many times in vacation villas and on yachts parading in the nude.

The paparazzi cannot be blamed if Kate tends to be a bit economical with the underwear, and wears dresses that blow in the wind. One thing that emerged from the pictures of Kate’s bare bum that went viral earlier this year is that she, and sister Pippa, have been well endowed by God in that department!


Kate, William, and baby George are scheduled to take their forthcoming vacation at Amner Hall on the Queen’s private estate at Sandringham, Norfolk. It’s known that Queen Elizabeth is “not amused” by the images of the wife of her grandson displaying so much flesh. Security has been enhanced on the estate in an effort to prevent a repetition of Kate’s previous “vacation pics” going public.

It’s interesting that western society has developed this attitude to nudity, when there are still other societies on the planet in which nudity, or semi-nudity, is the norm. For this author, it seems that there is something vaguely childish about giggling over the sight of “tits and bums.”

In the case of Kate Middleton, these are features to be admired – and envied!