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Louis Tomlinson Recreated As A Tasty Life-Size Cake [Photos]

Louis Tomlinson is officially edible. No, that isn’t a strange insult we picked up during our daily trip to the local bakery.

For some odd reason, someone with baking skills and a fair amount of time on their hands decided to re-create Tomlinson as a cake. A life-size one, at that. You know you’ve arrived when a fan spends hours recreating your likeness as a cake. If we’re speaking honestly, then we’re not sure if that’s flattering or creepy. Perhaps both.

According to Sugarscape, Louis Tomlinson isn’t the only famous face fashioned out of cake. To keep the edible version of the One Direction singer company, the responsible party also created Dame Judi Dench and British rocker Jarvis Cocker. It’s an odd trio, for sure, especially since they’re all enjoying cake. Creepy!

Check out some photos of the Louis Tomlinson cake below.

After gawking at those images, we know what you’re thinking: That doesn’t look like Louis Tomlinson. Although the edible treat doesn’t bear a strong resemblance to the singer, rest assured that it’s Tomlinson. Before you start throwing shade in the baker’s general direction, we would love to see you craft something better. Thought so.

Of course, there’s a good reason why someone created life-size Louis, Jarvis, and Judi cakes. The Doncaster Free Press explains that the decidedly large treats were painstakingly created to celebrate Yorkshire Day.

The publication explains:

“Louis is part of the line up of the nation’s favourite Yorkshire celebrities, that includes Jarvis Cocker and Judi Dench, who have been chosen to be made in a cake form. The sculptures have been commissioned by Yorkshire Tea as part of today’s Yorkshire Day celebrations, and will go on display at Kings Cross Station, London.”

Cake artist Connie Viney is responsible for crafting the Louis Tomlinson cake. Kudos to her for spending so much time and energy on something every One Direction fan wouldn’t mind consuming at their next birthday party. The lady clearly has talent.

If you’d like to create an edible Tomlinson for that special 1D fan in your life but don’t have the funds are resources to create something truly enormous, maybe this birthday cake will steer you in the right direction.

What do you think of the life-size Louis Tomlinson cake?

[Lead image via Bing]