John Mayer Weight Loss

John Mayer Gets Really Skinny, The Internet Takes Notice [Photos]

John Mayer is apparently really skinny. When we say really skinny, we actually mean really, really skinny. After all, it’s not like the guy was carrying around a sack of spare tires around his waist. At least, not that we know of.

When celebrities lose or gain weight, people always take notice. Once they’ve had a moment to process the addition or subtraction of those wanted or unwanted pounds, these gossipy individuals share their jumbled thoughts on social media. Of course, John Mayer’s recent adventure through the world of weight loss did not go unnoticed.

According to, Mayer is “super slimmed down.” Although John was skinny prior to the publication’s bold proclamation, the word “super” suggests that the acclaimed singer-songwriter is no longer just a thin guy. He’s crossed the threshold into another world, risen to another plane of skinniness.

Need some photographic evidence of John Mayer’s alleged weight loss? Feast your eyes on the images hanging out below.

Not surprisingly, the folks over at Wetpaint quickly noticed that Mayer is looking a lot thinner these days. Is this decision to slim down a direct response to his breakup with pop star Katy Perry earlier this year? Your guess is honestly as good as ours, so feel free to add your theories to the mix if you feel so compelled.

The website explains:

“Check out the newly slimmed down John by watching the video above. He was never a particularly large guy but we barely recognize the trimmed down fellow with the groceries! If it wasn’t for the pink T-shirt and hipster glasses, we might not know that’s John Mayer at all.”

Guess who else noticed that Mayer lost weight? That’s right — Twitter. When celebrity do anything — and we do mean anything — the 140-character bloggers are quick to hit the keyboards. Check out some of their reactions to John’s skinny frame below.

Are you surprised by John Mayer’s sudden weight loss? Do you think the singer looks good, or should he grab a sandwich at some point in the near future?

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