WWE News: A Possible NWO Reunion Next Week On ‘Monday Night Raw’?

Like all great things in the WWE, they never seem to come to an official end. D-Generation X makes a comeback every few years, Brock Lesnar made his way back to the squared circle and Sting finally signed a deal with WWE. That leaves hope for the unimgainable right?

WrestlingNewsSource is reporting that a huge reunion could take place next week on Monday Night Raw that includes Hulk Hogan, Scott Hall and Kevin Nash.

As noted, WWE planning a special guest for Hulk Hogan’s Birthday Celebration on next week’s Raw from Portland.

There are rumors there could be an nWo reunion.

If the Hogan birthday bash wasn’t enough of a giveaway for a few special surprise guests, check this tweet out from Hall that might have given something amazing away:

This would be an excellent way to celebrate Hogan’s birthday and to provide mass entertainment to the WWE Universe in Portland, Oregon. The NWO hasn’t made an appearance since 2002 and since that point, no stable has arguably made the impact the NWO did in the 1990’s. When Nash and Hall defected to WCW, that single moment changed the professional wrestling landscape forever.

After adding Hogan to the group in 1996, the group now had fame beyond control. Then-WCW Executive Vice President Eric Bischoff came up with the NWO storyline while attending New Japan Pro Wrestling’s Battle Formation show. He wanted to do an invasion angle where WCW was being destroyed. He had no idea of the world phenomenon that would to pass.

Hulk Hogan

Monday Night Raw, as well as the WWE entirely, needs something to spark the interest of older viewers. Adding Hogan was a part of that plan, while also giving him one last run with the company. In fact, Hogan is trying to condition himself for another match. He wants to face John Cena at a WWE pay-per-view, most likely a WrestleMania.

I don’t think having Hogan wrestling is a great idea, but public appearances does help the WWE make a ton of money, along with attracting a demographic that is hard to attain in the professional wrestling industry.

It’s no secret that the old-time fans detest the current product. It’s not like they are to blame for their lack of interest, because wrestling has changed over the past 30 years. Fans have a problem with part-time guys coming back, but that’s where a lot of money lies. Here’s one question: why didn’t fans complain when a CM Punk vs. Stone Cold Steve Austin match was rumored?

Hogan’s birthday bash will be full of surprises that might include the most popular stable in pro wrestling history. Besides, it’s been a while since the NWO theme music hit the speakers on a WWE show. As long as Hall remembers a toothpick, the WWE Universe will sit back and enjoy a blast from the past.

[Images via WWE.com and zimbio.com]