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Israeli Occupation Of Gaza Ended In 2005 Under Ariel Sharon, Someone Tell Hamas

One of the mantras frequently recited by Hamasniks and their left-leaning counterparts who demonstrate for them is: “End the Israeli occupation.”

But the question is, what occupation?

Under Prime Minister Ariel Sharon, back in 2005 a controversial and what has ultimately proven to be a disastrous decision made by him was put into action for Israel to “disengage” from Gaza, which it did unilaterally and fully.

Until 2005, Palestinians claimed that their land was occupied by Israel as there were 21 flourishing Jewish communities living in the Gaza Strip. Then Prime Minister Ariel Sharon hatched a plan that saw almost ten thousand Jews uprooted from their homes and relocated to other parts of Israel.

The move was a painful one for Israel in her quest to stop the Palestinian claims of “occupation” once and for all. But the tiny Jewish state received no credit whatsoever for the move, and was eventually bombarded by rockets and suffered terror attacks from the very places they had evacuated.

The Israeli’s left millions of dollars worth of hothouses for the Palestinians, which had been used for decades by the Jewish communities there to cultivate fruit and vegetables, a business that was very lucrative.

But instead of using those hothouses to help the population, Hamas built terror tunnels beneath them, and sent rockets into Israel in a blatant display of disregard and, one might say, disrespect.

So when you hear the cries of the Palestinian supporters, who turn out in their anti-semitic droves to protest, with slogans such as “Free Palestine,” “end the occupation,” and “from the river to the sea Palestine will be free,” don’t be fooled.

What they mean is that “Palestine will be free” as in “free from Jews,” which is quite a different story from arguments about specific pieces of “occupied” land, like Gaza.

If those people, and Hamas, had their way, there would be no Jews at all in land of Israel — or anywhere else in the world, for that matter — thus fulfilling the Hamas charter to “kill all Jews, no matter where you find them.”