William Shatner tweets NASA, they respond

William Shatner, NASA Tweet Pleasantries: ‘Star Trek’ Fans Love Exchange

How does NASA blowup its Twitter account? Respond to a William Shatner tweet in Star Trek fashion, apparently. Fans of Shatner’s know that he is quite active on his social media pages, and it seems he decided a little banter with NASA was in order over the weekend. NASA’s page responded and many seem to be finding it quite entertaining.

Shatner’s tweet was a simple one. The Star Trek star asked, “How is @NASA doing today?” A little more than an hour later, the person monitoring the NASA Twitter page was wise enough to respond. They posted, “@WilliamShatner, Good day, Captain. #ISS is in standard orbit and Commander Swanson has the conn. Hope you’re having a great weekend!” The post was quickly favorited nearly 2,000 times and retweeted almost as many. Followers were quick to praise the fun banter and add their own perspective on the exchange.

While some would have loved to see the exchange take things a step beyond those initial posts, it looks like both NASA and Shatner have moved on to other things. In fact, it wasn’t long before William Shatner decided to see if he could prompt an entirely different kind of exchange when he tweeted, “Does the @CIA engage in General Conversation on Twitter?” Unfortunately for Shatner, the CIA Twitter monitor has yet to take notice, and their page doesn’t have a history of banter that would lead William’s followers to think there is another humorous exchange ahead.

Shatner isn’t exactly sitting back and waiting for CIA Twitter magic to happen, though. He’s also been tweeting about needing “a building of at least 30 stories for couple mins,” and he has also been stirring up faux controversies and drama regarding Orlando Jones and Misha Collins. It would seem those posts are all related to the #GISHWHES challenge, otherwise known as the Greatest International Scavenger Hunt The World Has Ever Seen, a project hosted by Collins.

Just a few days ago, William Shatner was in a wheelchair at Comic-Con, but he doesn’t seem to be tweeting about his injury or letting that incident hold him back from having some fun on social media.

What does he plan to do with the skyscraper should he acquire some access? Will he crush his fellow GISHWHES competitors? Which entity will he engage in Twitter banter with next? When it comes to William Shatner, one simply never knows.

[Image via Business Insider]