Tony Romo Rumors: Dallas Cowboys To Sit Quarterback In First Preseason Game

Tony Romo rumors surrounding his surgically repaired back have been a highlight of the Dallas Cowboys’ training camp this preseason. The Dallas Cowboys rumors are about to get a lot more serious after the teams basically ruled out Tony Romo for their preseason opener on Thursday.

After practice on Sunday, Tony Romo told reporters that he does not expect to play on Thursday against the San Diego Chargers. The Cowboys have not made an official statement about the status of Romo, but if practices are any indication, it does not seem likely that he will play. Sunday was the biggest day for Romo in practice yet, throwing a camp high 25 passes. The team is not really looking at results right now, only consistency.

Tony Romo missed practice on Saturday, in keeping with the pattern of two practices and one off. However, there are serious concerns that the lower back surgery may keep Tony Romo from ever returning to one hundred percent again. Romo told radio show The Hardline:

I’m 100 percent, but your back will tell you after two and a half hours, after three and a half hours, after a morning and then an afternoon, and I mean just running, these things will say, ‘OK, it’s heavy, it’s tired.’ It’s like coming off a surgery that’s not all the way back yet, you have to get rested. You have to go work it and then you’ve to give it rest. Then, eventually, it gets stronger and stronger. Mine has gotten stronger and stronger and I do everything 100 percent. I may just not be able do to it for three straight hours.

The Dallas Cowboys may eventually get back a one hundred percent Tony Romo, but for how long? That is why the team has invested in Brandon Weeden as their backup quarterback. Weeden will likely be one of the more important number two quarterbacks in the league, with the Tony Romo injury situation lingering in the air. After the Dallas Cowboys let Kyle Orton go, who had not shown up for camp, the quarterback depth chart is set. If Weeden is not impressive in preseason, don’t be surprised to see Dallas Cowboys trade rumors start to pick up.

[Image via The Boys Are Back]