Orlando vs. Justin over Miranda

Bieber To Bloom Before Ibiza Fight? ”Miranda Said: ‘I Want To Make A Man Out Of You'”

Justin Bieber, Orlando Bloom, Miranda Kerr. We’ll be hearing those names together, in one sentence, for some time.

Into the epicness that was Orlando Bloom’s reportedly wine-laced, attempted punch/slap of Justin Bieber in an Ibiza restaurant last week, comes a new, acutely alleged reason behind the other main reason for the actor’s kick off.

According to UK tabloid, the Sunday People, a source claims the Ibiza fight sparked after Bieber told Bloom his supermodel ex-wife Miranda Kerr said: “I want to make a man out of you,” when she and Bieber first met at the Victoria’s Secret fashion show in November 2012.

To the newspaper, a source reportedly said of Justin’s alleged affect on Bloom and Kerr’s marriage woes:

“At the time of the split it was certainly one of the motivations. He was, and still is, very cross about all of this.”

Adding: “He can’t believe that someone he regards as a silly little boy has had this impact on his relationship. He is absolutely fuming.”

Notably: In 2012, Kerr was a 29-year-old, married, mother-of-one and the “face” of multiple brands. Bieber was 18.

Justin Bieber and Miranda Kerr

(Photo: Justin Bieber and Miranda Kerr at the Victoria’s Secret show, November 7, 2012.)

“I want to make a man out of you.”

That’s quite a line. Unforgettable. So, it’s odd that it’s surfaced days after the rest of the Ibiza witnesses’ claims rolled out last week.

Although the alleged remark comes via the same tabloid that scooped the Bieber-Kerr-Bloom trouble in October 2013, which has now been validated by current events — still, none of the other witnesses heard it.

But, then again? Maybe? And that’s why such “quotes” always leave a mark.

Because of the “What if?”

Reports on Bieber’s alleged jibes previously ranged from “Say hi to Miranda for me,” to “Tell Miranda what’s up,” and “She’s good.”

Witnesses claimed Bieber said – whichever of the above alleged comments you believe – to Bloom about Kerr, after the actor refused to shake the singer’s hand and Orlando’s co-diner DiCaprio waved the Biebs away in the eatery.

Minutes later, the rest is viral history. Video shot by other patrons at the Cipriani restaurant, showed Bloom tracking Bieber as he and his crew walked to a central point in the restaurant.

The furious 37-year-old reached to strike the 20-year-old, but his “weak-a** punch” — as UFC legend Forrest Griffin told TMZ — was blocked by one of Bieber’s very much needed bodyguards.

[Video of Bieber-Bloom brawl.]

Fallout from Bieber v Bloom blazes on due to “The Bieber Factor,” the supermodel factor, a good ‘ole fight — and the elephant-in-the-room question:

Did Miranda Kerr and Justin Bieber’s reported flirting at the Victoria’s Secret show lead to sex?

Of their reported 2012 chemistry, a source recently told E! News that, “They were all out partying until early morning and the group went back to the hotel,” after the fashion show, adding: “Bieber and Kerr were acting flirty throughout the course of the evening.”

And since, no-one files for divorce — which Bloom did in 2013 — from a supermodel over one-sided flirting, conclusions have been drawn.

That, and Bieber’s Instagramming of a bikini-clad snap of Kerr shortly after the showdown, which he quickly deleted.

It was followed by a snap of Orlando crying on the red carpet at his 2013 Broadway Romeo and Juliet afterparty.

That, and reports of Orlando “hurdling” a sofa to get to Bieber.

That he went after the Canadian in the first place, and essentially took out a double spread ad on the most widely read portal in the world – the celebrity grapevine, declaring: “My ex-wife and Justin Bieber [allegedly] had sex.”

Lainey Gossip recently offered their interpretation of the real terms effect of Bloom’s move.

“It’s a strategic mistake on Orly’s part. Because when you strike out at someone, you aim to hurt them. Does it matter if everyone at the restaurant cheered? Does it matter that we think even less of JB? Not really. Your objective in a fight is to injure your opponent. But this is how JB is walking around today:

‘I f****d your wife, a**hole. And now you know. And you just let the world know.How does my d**k taste?’

That’s how a 20 year old thinks. So no, he’s not bleeding at all.

Meanwhile Orlando? Orlando, who hasn’t had a career since 2008, is now permanently associated with Justin Bieber allegedly being inside his wife.

This is not a victory. This is an embarrassment.

Whether Bieber really did “boast” to Bloom that Kerr [allegedly] said, “I want to make a man out of you,” in 2012 isn’t the issue. There’s already bad blood after years of speculation in the press about Kerr and Bieber’s flirting and Kerr and others, for that matter.

But, quite apart from the fact that Page Six and other sources report problems in the Bloom-Kerr marriage were mostly to do with his partying and career stalling; the real point is this:

Bloom already knows what he knows.

Now, thanks to his loss of control in Ibiza, so does everyone else.

Like we said: Kerr was 29, Bieber was 18. That’s some irresponsible math.

Orlando Bloom 'Takes a Swing' at Justin Bieber In Ibiza