Dog Attack On Boy, 4

Dog Attack On Boy, 4: Child Recovering From Severe Facial Injuries After Puppy Mauls Him

A dog attack on a boy, 4, leaves him with severe facial wounds and life-threatening injuries.

Herald On Sunday reports that the child, Lani, was mauled around 3:30 pm on Saturday in Beatty St, Otahuhu in New Zealand. Neighbors who know the boy, Shepherd Mea (“Lani”), say he’s a “friendly little fella.”

Shepherd’s father, Orlando, reveals that the dog was “only a puppy” and has never been aggressive before.

“I don’t know what happened,” Orlando says.

New Zealand’s National news site describes the dog as a large brown pit bull. An Auckland county spokeswoman says the animal won’t be put down until an investigation is complete.

The boy’s father told Animal Control to put the dog down after the attack. Lani is recovering at Middlemore Hospital in serious but stable condition in the Intensive Care Unit.

Lani’s grandmother explains that his injuries are just below one eye and requires stitches. She shares:

“Lucky he didn’t get it in the eyes. They were playing — the dog and the boy.”

She says Orlando pulled the dog off Lani.

“The dog’s mouth was still on his face,” she recalls.

The grandmother didn’t believe the dog who attacked Lani was her son’s. She thought the owner was away in Australia.

Neighbors allege that the dog had snapped a chain he was tied to in the family’s back yard and ran off. Some even say they noticed the boy had scratches on his face a few days earlier, believing it had to do with the puppy.

According to National, neighbors claim the family brought the puppy home about two weeks ago and that he expressed signs of aggressiveness and causing trouble; one says the dog was always barking. Just a few weeks ago, Orlando posted a photo of the dog on his Facebook page with the caption: “Mess wif me il eat u alive…”

A neighbor who wishes to remain anonymous, shares that the pit bull was seen roaming the streets, growling, and barking. She says:

“When we got home this afternoon and saw the police we knew instantly it had something to do with the dog.”

Other neighbors, however, say the dog and the boy appeared to have had an affectionate relationship.

The 4-year-old boy in this vicious dog attack is an adored child by all who know him. A lot are pulling for him to recover from this very soon.

[Photo Credit: Herald On Sunday]