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Phil Robertson Blamed For The Crash And Burn Of ‘Duck Dynasty’

Duck Dynasty

Is Phil Robertson the reason that Duck Dynasty has lost its luster?

A&E is seeing some pretty awful ratings for a show that was once their cash cow, and some people are wondering if Robertson patriarch, Phil Robertson, might be responsible for it. According to The Aiken Standard, controversy surrounding the Robertson family just might be the reason that people are no longer tuning into the show. Most of said controversy was started by Phil… and so it goes without saying that Phil’s comments about homosexuality, for example, turned some people off.

However, executive vice president and general manager of A&E Networks, David McKillop, believes that the show is just taking its typical course. Generally, a show of this nature will do incredibly well, and then reach a plateau point. McKillop doesn’t seem the least bit concerned about the way things are going.

“It’s a strong, strong franchise and will continue for a number of years. I don’t think there’s any definitive proof that the controversy itself had an impact on the ratings. These things tend to burn very, very bright and then begin to settle into a plateau.”

Phil Robertson and his family are still having wild success despite the drop in viewership. According to WebProNews, Robertson might have killed the proverbial “golden goose,” but the goose was able to lay plenty of golden eggs before the show went downhill. Naturally this metaphor tells the world that the Robertsons are not going to go away — quietly or otherwise.

“All those ‘Duck Dynasty’ t-shirts, ball caps, beef jerky, and other such paraphernalia that netted the ‘Dynasty’ team $400 million last year are still there.”

Of course the Robertsons do well financially from their duck call business, which was around long before they inked a reality show deal. This means that the family wouldn’t find themselves living on the streets in their show got canceled. As previously reported by The Inquisitr, there has been talk about the show being cancelled — but that doesn’t seem to be an immediate concern for A&E executives or the Robertsons.

Phil Robertson actually has a ton of fans and supporters all over the country — and we’re talking millions of people. So, just because there was a significant dip in ratings this season, that doesn’t mean that Phil and family are sunk. It simply means that some people have chosen not to watch (perhaps for reasons that have nothing to do with Phil) — but millions are still watching. And buying. And this family is still very much TV gold for A&E.

As evidenced on social media, Mr. Robertson still has it. Some of the things that he says really resonate with people, and yes, there are still people out there who love Phil and will watch Duck Dynasty as long as it is on TV.

[Photo courtesy of Zach Dilgard/A&E]

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108 Responses to “Phil Robertson Blamed For The Crash And Burn Of ‘Duck Dynasty’”

  1. Farris Smith

    phil I think you r a great man dad and I know you love your wife, if all men love the wife,s like you do this world would b a better place to live

  2. Donna Good

    Love Phil Robertson "The Duck Commander"! But the show has gotten boring… much talk…not enough action…….

  3. Don McGurrin

    It is just like any other show and it has just run it's course. Storage Wars is the same thing.

  4. Janice Reynolds Cross

    I think A&E screwed up by changing the me it airs the new episodes. Some people have to be up early and can't stay up until 10PM to watch it.

  5. Anonymous

    It's not simply Phil. They were already trying new gimmicks when his comments came to light, like bringing in Rebecca and Cory's nephew. There's only so many times you can see the same hijinks.

    More dynamite might help.

  6. Jason Daniel Mays

    T.V. shows come and go. Anyone remember 'Northern Exposure'? whole franchise grew up around it as well over 20 yrs go and then it ws gone, down the rabbit hole.

  7. Anonymous

    What crash and burn? The liberal media wants to portray victory for homosexuality. The foundation of this is satanic.

  8. Deborah Adele

    I stopped watching the show because Jase is always calling Willie fat and it's not funny. Also, Phil is kind of a jerk.

  9. Anonymous

    after the first couple seasons A & E took the reality out of the show and started trying to make actors out of them rednecks( lol) and it did`nt work. to much scripting , now it has run it`s course.

  10. Mike Smith

    It doesn't help that they run reruns until it's late then show the newest program last. Is A&E trying to kill it by running the newer shows after prime time?

  11. Roger Howell

    This prediction of Duck Dynasty having bad ratting's brought to you by the same people who tell us Obama is doing a great job!

  12. Roger Howell

    This prediction of Duck Dynasty having bad ratting's brought to you by the same people who tell us Obama is doing a great job!

  13. Lori Willoughby Howerter

    I think it just got kinda old. I don't care about what Phil said about gays. I also think they are just selling to many crappy products. Overexposure will kill off any show eventually.

  14. Lori Willoughby Howerter

    I think it just got kinda old. I don't care about what Phil said about gays. I also think they are just selling to many crappy products. Overexposure will kill off any show eventually.

  15. Richard Ham

    Glad to hear it, I hope The Whole White Trash Hilbilly thing Imploads!!

  16. Richard Ham

    Glad to hear it, I hope The Whole White Trash Hilbilly thing Imploads!!

  17. Joseph Lehman

    Its not Phil's fault, people are boycotting AE because of their treatment of Phil.

  18. Jim McClellan

    It has nothing to do with Phil Robertson and his comments regarding queers. Americans just have a short attention span and the network has screwed the show up trying to make actors and commedians out of a family of "Good Old Boys" (and girls). Like any of the thousands of stupid televisions programs available, The show is just running its course and will soon disapear just like the rest of them. It was fun while it lasted kids.

  19. Priscilla Smith

    ah keep wishful thinking it was not phil robertson who ruined the show it was a&e with all there editing and changing of the storylines making things more staged to suit the liberals.

  20. Anonymous

    All the vapid comments and threats posted here just further support the very reason federal governments are choosing to legislate civil rights protection for gays. YOU my dear people are providing the very evidence needed! Right here. Right now. And gays actually thank you for it.

  21. Anonymous

    It is so funny to see bigoted people trying to use gays as scapegoats (even here) when the very REASON given for the show failing is because of poor ratings: meaning THEY are simply not watching the stupid show. Oh, right. Gay marriage caused THAT too!

  22. Gene Pershing

    Come on, voyeuristict white trash porn like dynasty, kiddie porn like honey boo boo,all the swamp and towing and pawn shop series showcasing white rednecks behaving stupidly have run their course. When you can't tell if you are watching a redneck series or worlds dumbest, time to change channels.

  23. Linda-Buddy Attebery

    Could be that people are NOT watching because it is still on A&E. Would love to see the Robertsons take DD to another network.

  24. Anonymous

    stop talking bll sht about the Robertsons they r here to stay if some of you don't agree don't wacth it you are not needed they have enough fans forever homos can go to hell as far as i am conserned we do not need them.

  25. Clint Collins

    Honestly the only thing Ive seen that is hurting ratings is that they're not advertising as much on many channels like they used to last season.

  26. Anonymous

    They Say: "Most of said controversy was started by Phil… and so it goes without saying that Phil’s comments about homosexuality, for example, turned some people off." TURNED "SOME"….REALLY, SOME PEOPLE OFF?
    Try millions of gays that actually enjoyed the hick humor….THAT'S NOT SOME, THAT'S A HEAVEN LOAD OF PEEPS.

  27. Anonymous

    Do you think Phil really "cares!"..he's laughing all the way to the bank.

  28. Anonymous

    Ignorant, go read your westernized fake bible and listen to your wife, she where's the pants, not you.

  29. Anonymous

    well it would keep me from being a whore, cause I'm not into guys like him

  30. Anonymous

    wow dude…really, well least your honest about your mindless tv watching….now we know why these shows stay on and keep being made, millions like you watching….thanks for the paycheck

  31. Gilbert Lay

    That's O.K. as soon as we get a majority in House/Senate and a conservative Prez we'll ban gay marriage and force homosexuals back into mental institutions.

  32. John Kirby

    Duck D has around 3 to 4 million viewers, that's pretty good for a cable show. Jon Stewart would love to have those numbers.

  33. Harry Hassoun

    Na there is a bigoted racist nitch out there that will watch .However the mass appeal is toast as expected .Duck Dynasty merchandise up north is in the dollar bin . Had to kill the business

  34. Gilbert Lay

    We are fighting a cold war of words against liberals- A Liberal is of course all the Homosexuals, and the Baby Murdering Abortionists/Cannibals (abortion is a form of cannibalism), communists/socialists/ all the other sexual degenerates like rapists, molesters, incest, polygamy family slavers, drug addicts, alcoholics, murderers, and many more. And the sicko minorities that believe the lies that conservatives were the origin of slavery in America. In fact it was sicko liberals thatt kept slavery going. Even the freaks that have sex with dogs support the liberal democrat agenda because in their simple degenerate mind they believe their sex will be legalized someday. And of course don't forget the Atheists, who are bent on destroying all forms of religion.

  35. Roger Howell

    You have no clue how active I am for my beliefs. If you want to say I am bitching by supporting Duck Dynasty and Phil Robertson I will be doing a lot of Bitching! You have replied to every post on this whole page maybe you should stop Bitching.

  36. Anonymous

    I thinks it's the media articles that are making a big deal out of NOTHING..these journalist today have no values or morals like the men, women and children of Duck Dynasty class either do they have (the media)

  37. Anonymous

    The crash and burn that has led to the show barley having any viewers compared to what it did have. moron

  38. Anonymous

    Gilbert Lay Can't wait to see u idiotic sheep just try. I can't wait to laugh in your faces when it doesn't happen. The romans should have killed all of u when they had the chance.

  39. Anonymous

    It's a reality show. Reality shows start, get insanely popular and then burn themselves out. That is the nature of a reality show. It has nothing to do with what anyone on the show said. However the media would have you think so.

  40. Carroll Smith Clarke

    My only compliant is with A&E! They have repeatedly shown the series so much it's annoying! I think they should do more episodes and save the rest for syndication. Love Duck Dynasty, the family and their beliefs. Just so tired of old episodes!

  41. The Logical Mind

    There is already countries that exist like your theocratic paradise, it's called the middle east. Your hateful mentality would fit right in.

  42. Bob Peterson

    Gilbert Lay the majority of republicans 18-30 are for equality, your ilk are dying off, and good riddance!

  43. The Logical Mind

    Yes, because all of A&E's programing relies solely on him, and yet, A&E has other shows that have increased in ratings, so how would that logic work exactly?

  44. Beatroot Sprite

    So fans of Phil boycotted the channel that makes him money? Boy his fans are dumber than a post. So you'd rather think his fans are morons than believe that lots of decent people found his comments bigoted and hateful and stopped watching? I was a fan- now I don't watch. I'm not alone.
    I also work in the entertainment industry and saw how the rating tanked after his comments. The A&E exec is lying here and doing damage control.

  45. Shawnda Osborne

    Um…it's not a prediction. They actually have had a huge drop in their ratings. Sorry to burst your bubble.

  46. Shawnda Osborne

    You aren't making a good case for "your side" because you sound like you are off your rocker. You might want to tone it down with the vitriol and maybe use some actual facts and/or statistics.

  47. Jon Doe

    I have grown tired of the show due to: it's always on, has become far too scripted, & the over saturation of endorsements (Jack Links/Under Armour). As far as the other things, I don't care if he likes/dislikes gay people. That is his opinion. We don't have to like or get along with every person in the world.

  48. Anonymous

    Satanic? You stupid clown. Go read your Bible for once (if you can) and realize that it's garbage.

  49. Ariel Yariv

    I think people get tired of watching a trashy redneck bigots. It gets tiring after awhile. He has quite the past to be lecturing people on morality, especially when it comes from a very,very bad place and he's trying to hide behind right-wing religious bigotry which appeals big-time to many red state people.

  50. Steve Hogge

    Wow. Gays are working overtime to plant and re-plant this idiotic story. The Kardashians get HALF as many viewers as the Robertsons (who also have income from real jobs), yet we never see headlines blaring, "WILL E! CAN THE KARDASHIANS?". Gays love Kim. Phil? Not so much. The Daily Show gets a third as many viewers as the Robertsons. Where are the cancellation articles?

    A show with almost five million viewers a week is not going to get canceled any time soon.

  51. Steve Hogge

    Yeah, they're down to only THREE TIMES what The Daily Show gets.

  52. Jacob McCandles

    I enjoyed the show at the first. Phil is great and so are the other family members, but the show has hit a "creativity" dead end. It's no fault of the cast or A&E, it's just the nature of this type of show…

  53. Rusty Pudder

    My old third shift crew used to love putting on duck dynasty…. that changed in support of our gay crew members.

  54. Anonymous

    We and everyone we knew stopped watching Duck Dynasty in particular and A&E in general as soon as we learned about Robertson's bigoted remarks. We also stopped reading any and all articles about the Robertsons, any of them, until now. And it was only to leave this comment.

    Many of us now have family members and friends who are openly gay or a minority, so we know firsthand how misinformed we had been, how we had been lied to, particularly by fundamental Christians. We believe in God, and probably because of it, we tire of all the mean-spiritedness and hypocrisy exemplified by the Robertsons and no longer want to participate in it in any way. The messages may be outright lies or twisted truths, but regardless which, they are wrong.

    So this is the last time we will knowingly acknowledge the Robinsons and A&E and other folk who want to make money off their bigotry and hope everyone does the same.

  55. Bill Kosmas

    Shawnda Osborne Yeah, but they aren't anywhere near the "crash and burn" stage. I have noticed that these anti Robertson articles appear in waves in a concerted attempt by a bunch of Godless, government worshiping dolts to bring the show to an early demise. But somehow people seem to keep tuning in. Not in the numbers they used to, but in large enough numbers to keep the show on the air for at least another season.

  56. Bela Kiss

    The down fall is the negative media and how what Phil said was misunderstood. Phi just quotes the bible which he strongly believes in. The show is funny and it show how strong a family can be and not the way family in the most part is around the world. I watch the show for the humor, gorgeous wives the guys have and Si. The religious crap I don't pay attention to, not my thing.

  57. James Weiske

    hay Phil, where's all that god makes every thing right , stuff . guess he's tired of your crap to . you homophobic jack ass . by the way how many years did you serve in the military ? you know there are gays standing on the wall every day to defend your rite to be a jack ass . 1865 you all lost get over it , hell Lie did.

  58. Anonymous

    American Picker's is a much better show and funnier too.

  59. Anonymous

    Why there was ever interest in these hillbilly's is beyond me. There are a LOT of millionaires more interesting than these bafoons.

  60. Timothy Sedano

    Phil Robertson had every right in the world to espouse this religious beliefs.

    And the people of the United States have every right to espouse their views of Phil Robertson.

  61. Will Howard

    Still like the show… @phil Roberston is a great guy. I just don't seem to have time to watch. Sometimes I'll catch an episode on the website.

  62. Anonymous

    That's what bigotry and hatred gets you. Good riddance to bad rubbish..

  63. Klayton Metalyou

    You know why they lost a large portion of their audience? Because before the controversy, they could make their show relatable to anyone. After the controversy, they basically said "We're going to stand behind with the Christian right wing Republicans all the way". THAT'S what caused them to lose their widespread audience they once had!

  64. Cuban Babaloo

    I love the show because there is NO DRAMA and it's appropriate for all ages. This is the only reality TV show I watch. Other shows are full of skanks with silicone.

  65. Mike Hicks

    I agree with you freebyrd. Millions still tune in every week even though the satanic homosexual community has tried their best to destroy the show!

  66. Carey Bradley

    It was/ is a great show, but people are tired of all the religious arguing, I stopped watching it I can see that praying and such on any channel. If I want religion Ill go to church.

  67. Carey Bradley

    It was/ is a great show, but people are tired of all the religious arguing, I stopped watching it I can see that praying and such on any channel. If I want religion Ill go to church.

  68. Donnie Viens

    Phil's comment have nothing to do with their ratings. The liberal media wants everyone to think that.
    These reality show all go through this. After a while, the material gets redundant. Not to mention othet shows start up and draw audiences.

  69. Elizabeth Rolando

    I just got bored with it and stopped but still love the family.

  70. Donna Dillon-Truckenbrod

    I didn't stop watching Duck Dynasty because of Phil's views on anything. He has the right to believe in what he wants to, as do I. I stopped watching the show because it went from being a wonderful, casual show to a completely scripted snooze-fest. Sorry DD, quit listening to all the PR hype, and go back to being yourselves.

  71. Tom Doyle

    He crashed nothing. It was all a big publicity stunt.

    I tend to avoid "reality" TV and dismissed this show is non-sense to appeal to those who either identify with or want to laugh at rednecks.

    I've still never see it yet I know all about the Robertsons and what they are famous for.

    Well played, Phil and A&E, well played.

  72. Jay Marks

    This is correct, every time someone tries to expose it, they get called a crazy bible thumper and get shunned. Why can't people speak on this topic?? Crazy world now, whats bad is now good! Bible or not, its still a crazy weird nasty concept!

  73. Anonymous

    Someone actually believes that homosexuals or people that would be offended by the casts views on homosexuals made up a significant portion of the viewership for this show? I mean honestly if you take one look at them and you know even a little about them, that is to say that they're religious, older and from the south and you're going to tell me you assume they're all rainbows and roses on the subject of race or homosexuality? I know that's pre-judging but come on. Anyway my point is if their ratings are tanking it certainly isn't b/c they made a few insensitive comments about race or homosexuality.

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