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‘GTA V’ Online Heist Animations Leak, Zombies Confirmed And More


Leaks from Grand Theft Auto V code on the PS3 and Xbox 360 keep coming in to reveal more details for the highly anticipated Heists. The latest information dug up reveals a long string of animations that will be available for GTA V Heists, along with a VIP mission, map icons, and what appears to be a confirmation that a zombie mode will be added to the game.

To start with, YouTuber Chr0m3xMoDz discovered a multiplayer folder in the code for GTA V that contains more than 100 animations for heists. The total video length is 8:20 and covers every animation discovered in the folder, from cowering to picking locks to putting cash into a bag and much more.

This second video comes from YouTuber iCrazyTeddy, who worked with fellow GTA V code hunters LazyGamer and SparkLive to find information on the following VIP mission description (5:00 mark in the video).

“Escort a VIP’s car to a random landmark in the city then back to their hotel. Cops escort the car as they see the sights. Criminals are given the tour points and look out for the VIP. If driver dies, cops can drive and resume the tour. Criminals can get in the car at any point and drive VIP back to gang hourse for extra rewards. VIP is taken from a hotel (from list of 8) to an important place in town (list of 8). Make sure the start and end points are far enough away to give the crooks time to play properly. Unlocked at Rank 4. 2 cops and 6 criminals can join mission. Shoot to kill.”

There’s also a list of icons discovered in the GTA V game code as well (5:59 mark) — Cop Patrol, Cop Player, Criminal Arrest, Criminal Car Steal, Criminal Drugs, Criminal Holdup, Criminal Pimping, Criminal Player, Criminal Wanted, Police, Police Chase, and Police Station.

Finally, Chr0m3xMoDz has a second video that revealed a single-player zombies mode for GTA V. A previous code leak listed the “ZMB” abbreviation, but this new leak spells it out with an “SPZOMBIES” listing that checks to see if DLC is present to include it as a menu selection. “SP” is obviously an abbreviation for single-player, so there is going to be a zombies DLC release sometime in the future.

There is still no release date for Grand Theft Auto V for the PS4, Xbox One and PC. Rockstar Games must surely have its hands full trying to port the game to three new platforms, bring Heists online finally, and add Zombies plus other DLC.

Many thanks to Chr0m3xMoDz and iCrazyTeddy for putting all of this information together.

What do you think of these reveals through code hunters? Let us know in the comments.

[Image via Rockstar Games]

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12 Responses to “‘GTA V’ Online Heist Animations Leak, Zombies Confirmed And More”

  1. Chris Rodgers

    i rember they promise hesite comming earlier this spring but nothing never happen 1 reason why is the glitches and DNS codes holding it back

  2. Mike Crotchburns

    Wow, you people are dumb. It's been almost 5 years since gta4 came out. Meaning that gta 5 has had at least 3 years of development time if you take into account red red redemption. Which is a full year longer than most games get. So yes geth and jonnie you fail miserably at reading comprehension. Rockstar just doesn't want to release heists yet.

  3. Cole Angrimson

    well if they ever do get Heist's and Zombie i might start playing it again… i probably will end up just waiting until it's out on XBOne first

  4. Jay Berkley

    Heists in GTA was the reason I pre-ordered the game, originally it was going to be available on launch. It wasn't until a few months before release did they tell us heists would be delayed. And then delayed, and delayed some more. Nice job Rockstar, thanks for the false advertisement. Don't give a shit bout it now.

  5. Jay Berkley

    To Mikes point though, they had already finished the setup for heists months before the game's release, they advertised the crap out of it, and they even let GameInformer play heists on their private test servers. Fixing scripting/DNS errors are not lengthy corrections. Shouldn't have taken more than a couple months. They used heists as promotional BS to gain more immediate revenue – which worked, since it became the best selling video game of all time, most copies sold in a 3 day period over any other game. They delayed heists to try and pump more long-term revenue out of it. It's all capitalistic BS, it didn't take them this long to work out the kinks, that's ridiculous, and I agree with Mike on it.

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