Girl Found Incompetent For Trial In Slender Man Stabbing Case Claims She Has Vulcan Mind Control

Circuit court judge Michael Bohren has ruled that one of the 12-year-old Wisconsin girls accused of stabbing a classmate is incompetent to stand trial.

Time reports that the judge’s ruling comes after mental health professionals testified at the girl’s hearing that her mental state made her incompetent to stand trial. Wisconsin Forensic Unit Psychologist, Brooke Lundbohm, testified that the girl claimed to see and hear fictional characters such as Slender Man and Voldemort – a character from the Harry Potter series. Meanwhile, psychiatrist Kenneth Robins said that the girl believes she has Vulcan mind control, and reported that she rambled and laughed hysterically during his sessions with her. He also feels that the girl is less concerned with facing a prison sentence than the thought of angering Slender Man. The judge agreed with the mental health professionals that the girl was mentally incompetent and did not understand her crime or the charges against her.

In May of this year, Morgan Geyser and her friend Anissa Weier were charged with the attempted homicide of a classmate, who they allegedly stabbed 19 times during a sleepover to impress the eerie online character, Slender Man. The unidentified victim managed to crawl out of the woods and was rescued, as reported by the Inquisitr. After they were arrested, the two suspects told police that they had planned to kill the girl, and then go live with Slender Man in his mansion.

According to USA Today, the declaration of incompetence is not a get out of jail free card for the girl, though. The judge has ruled that she remain in custody while undergoing treatment and he will evaluate her progress at a hearing on November 12 of this year. If she can’t be declared competent for trial in a year, she will likely be sent to a treatment center until she is ready.

Not everyone believes the girl’s defense is legitimate, though, as is evidenced by this tweet:

Just because the girl believes in magic and unicorns, like most 12 y/o’s, does not mean she’s mentally incompetent. #SlendermanStabbing

— Brik Miller (@BrikMillerEDG) August 1, 2014

In fact, the effort to declare Morgan mentally incompetent may be a play by her attorneys to lessen her sentence when she does go to trial. Although both girls are juveniles, they were to be tried as adults under Wisconsin law due to the severity of the crime. At this time, Weier’s mental health has not been questioned and her trial is proceeding as planned. Geyser’s attorneys, however, are hoping that that Geyser’s incompetent plea will assist in having her case moved to juvenile court, where her maximum sentence will only be 25 years.

What do you think? Is Morgan Geyser mentally incompetent, or is this just a ploy by her lawyers to lessen her punishment?

Image courtesy of NY Magazine