Elderly dog walks 30 miles to owners

Elderly Dog Walks 30 Miles Home Only To Be Turned Away By Owners

A senior black Labrador named Ma Kettle has had anything but a settled life. Ma Kettle made her first appearance at the Chautauqua County Animal Shelter in Sedan, Kansas, back in 2012 when her elderly owner passed away. The aging dog was placed up for adoption and eventually was adopted out to a new home.

One thing is for certain about Ma Kettle, she is an unwaveringly loyal dog. Ma Kettle loved her new owners unconditionally; however, it appears that love was not returned in the same manner. Ma Kettle’s new owners kept her for two years and then decided they wanted to add some more dogs to their family in the form of puppies. Ma Kettle was not used to puppies and the family felt she played too roughly with the new little dogs. Therefore, the family had to make a decision, either keep Ma Kettle who had been loyal to them for two years, or keep the new puppies. Sadly for the elderly dog, the family choose the puppies.

According to The Dodo, just a few weeks ago Ma Kettle was uprooted from her home yet again. There is no way that the aging dog could have known what was happening to her. She had been left once before and wanted desperately, as is apparent by her actions to come, a place to call home. The dog’s “family” found a new home for her with a lady she had never met before. The family unloaded the dog and left her with the new owner.

Ma Kettle wanted to go back home so she escaped from her new owner and made the 30 mile journey back to what she thought was her forever home. According to the Examiner, the owners refused to take her back and Ma Kettle ended back up at the Sedan, Kansas, shelter.

A worker wrote to the shelter’s Facebook wall:

“The senior Lab walked nearly 30 miles to come home. Her ‘family’ can not take her back because of the little dogs. Is there anyone out there who can give this girl a home? She may not have many years left. She is spayed, house broken and leash trained, mellow, having problems walking (so her travels back to Sedan amazed me.)”

Writer Stephen Messenger notes that the chance of Ma Kettle finding a forever home was much slimmer due to her age, but fortunately kind-hearted people from across the country were trying to come to her rescue.

“Over the last few weeks Ma Kettle has been languishing once more in the shelter’s kennel, older now and by most accounts less likely to be ever adopted again. Meanwhile, however, her sad story began to spread, share by share, across social media, and soon offers came pouring in from folks who wanted very much to give her a truly forever home.”

This story, which could have ended sadly, comes with a happy ending. Ma Kettle has found a place with a lady in Florida who will give her the forever home she deserves.

In a similar story about an extremely loyal dog reported by the Inquisitr, a dog waited for a year hoping his dead owner would return. You can see the emotional rescue as it unfolded.

UPDATE: Ma Kettle has found her forever home and you won’t believe who it is with! Check out the story update here.