State of Decay developer working on new game

‘State Of Decay’ Developer Undead Labs Set To Unveil New Title, Affirms Relationship With Microsoft

State of Decay developer Undead Labs is announcing a brand new game on Monday that has nothing to do with State of Decay or anything zombie.

Undead Labs took to its Twitter account to hint at the unveiling of the new game and to make sure people understood that this new game would be a departure from the zombie lore.

Undead Labs started the Twitter frenzy by saying:

Having said all I can about SoD’s bright future, should I mention we’re announcing a game on Monday that has nothing to do with SoD?

The studio followed that up, clearly after a number of people started inquiring, by making sure everyone knew this was not based in the State of Decay universe and had nothing to do with the walking dead.

While plenty of people’s ears were perked up with Undead Labs’ announcement, it was another tweet which had people raising some eyebrows for a short time. In an attempt to get people to understand once and for all that zombies would not be in the mix and that this was not State of Decay 2, the company’s twitter account briefly seemed to indicate its relationship with Microsoft was ending.

That tweet was quickly walked back and clarified so no one thought the company was leaving the Xbox altogether.

It turns out the State of Decay developer just wanted to make it clear that the new game will not be Xbox exclusive when it comes to consoles.

The company went out of its way this morning to reaffirm their relationship is great and that there might even be more SoD content coming in the near future. The company announced a partnership with writer JL Bourne on content that appears to be either SoD DLC or perhaps an actual sequel from Undead Labs.

That still leaves the question of what exactly the developer is planning to bring on Monday. Will this be a title that is specifically geared towards the next generation of consoles?

We’ll need to stay tuned to Undead Labs to find the answer.