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Pregnant Mother Finds Dead Bug In Doritos Salsa Dip Jar

A mother-of-four, who is pregnant with her fifth child, was extremely disturbed to find a dead bug in a jar of Doritos salsa dip she had purchased from a supermarket.

Katrina Smith, 33, almost tucked into the salsa as she sat down to watch TV last Sunday night. Just after she dipped her Doritos chip into the jar, she spotted the large dead bug, which was black and measured about an inch long (2.54cm).

The bug can be seen on its back in the center of the jar in the picture above taken by Ms. Smith.

Smith purchased the dip from a Tesco store in Ilkeston, Derbyshire, on June 14 this year. When she took the jar back to the shop last Monday, staff were horrified to see the dead bug inside. The jar has been sent to Doritos for further investigation.

Ms. Smith says she was too horrified to pick the bug out of the jar but thinks it was either a beetle or a cockroach. Smith, who is now about eight weeks pregnant, told reporters: “I realized it just before I put it in my mouth. I saw something black, it had legs, arms, little horns and a face – it was absolutely disgusting. I took it into the kitchen to have a look at it to see what it was and realised it was some kind of creature.”

Smith also spoke about how the incident has affected her, and the fact she won’t be buying that particular product again:

“It used to be my absolute favourite flavour but I’m never buying it again. It was so disgusting, it’s made me think not just about the dip but every single piece of food I eat. It’s just the thought of having anything like that close to me again. The fact that I’m pregnant and I am struggling to eat as well doesn’t help. Everything that I buy, I open and look inside because I think I am going to find something.”

PepsiCo, Doritos’ brand owner, were quick to respond when contacted by the press and said: ‘The safety of our consumers is always our number one concern and we take issues like this very seriously. We are waiting to receive the product so that we can conduct a full investigation.”