iggy lands role in ff7

Iggy Azalea Scores ‘Fast And Furious 7’ Cameo

Iggy Azalea is expanding her world domination by accepting a cameo in Fast and Furious 7. If you can’t stand the Australian rapper, then you’d better start getting used to her.

Although actually finding someone who listens to Azalea’s music on purpose is a difficult task in this writer’s neck of the musical woods, apparently she has a pretty big fanbase somewhere. Judging by the reaction Iggy has received as of late, you’d think that she was public enemy number one. Some people just really seem to hate the poor girl.

However, the Vanilla Ice-sized backlash that could erupt in the near future isn’t stopping producers from sticking Iggy Azalea in Fast and Furious 7. According to The Huffington Post, the rapper scored a bite-sized role in the highly-anticipated sequel. Hopefully her involvement won’t result in diminished box office returns.

Franchise star Vin Diesel revealed Azalea’s cameo during a recent conversation with the folks at Skyrock FM. Not only did the Guardians of the Galaxy actor admit that he occasionally busts a move to Iggy’s music, he also spilled the proverbial beans regarding her involvement with the sequel. However, her role is still a mystery.

Diesel explained:

“I just worked with her two weeks ago. I guess you’ll be the first person that knows this — we casted her in ‘Fast and Furious 7.’ She has a cameo in ‘Fast and Furious 7.'”

The aforementioned series isn’t the only cinematic work that Iggy Azalea may experience in the near future. According to Hollywood Life, Sharknado 2 actress Vivica A. Fox wouldn’t mind getting Azalea and one of her rivals to appear in a future installment of the B-movie franchise. Wishful thinking?

Fox said of her Sharknado 3 idea:

“All fighters — we could put Floyd Mayweather in it. Add a little chocolate in it! And lets add a rapper. We can put Iggy Azalea in it and Nicki Minaj so those b***hes can fight each other!”

As much as this writer would love to watch Iggy Azalea and Nicki Minaj battle one another while fending off sharks, we probably shouldn’t get our hopes up. As ridiculously entertaining as this idea might sound, chances are Azalea and Minaj’s respective paychecks are probably a lot bigger than the movie’s entire budget. Then again, SyFy did manage to get Debbie Gibson and Tiffany to battle it out, so anything is truly possible.

Are you surprised Iggy Azalea scored a cameo in Fast and Furious 7?

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