The Strongest Psychic Or A Haunted Theatre? CCTV Footage Captures Furniture Movement Hours After Show

The presences of spirits and ghost sightings are pretty common phenomenon. While believers vouch for the presence of these supernatural entities, skeptics point out the various circumstances in which these entities make their presence felt.

Quite recently, The Inquisitr had reported about an alleged ghost figure streaking across the entire length of the stadium. This time, CCTV footage reportedly confirms the existence of a ghost in a theater that was always claimed to be haunted.

A chair was caught on camera that moved entirely on its own in the middle of the night. The CCTV system was recording inside Brookside Theatre in Romford, Essex. The incident occurred at around 4 a.m. on Sunday. Interestingly, hours earlier, the theatre was packed with people attending a show by the medium Roy Roberts, reported The Telegraph.

Roberts is a popular psychic and has many devout believers who are confident the man is able to converse with spirits and the underworld. Needless to say, Roberts is now ecstatic and said,

“When I saw the footage I jumped up and said, ‘Yes, now we have direct proof!’ I had a feeling earlier that there was the presence of something, a playful presence of a child, to one side of the room and it seems that must have been it. ‘It doesn’t surprise me, it’s that sort of a place – it’s really active – so when I heard about what had happened I was really excited. People can’t dispute that, they will try, but they can’t dispute it. I am 100 per cent sure that is energy.”

Is the Brookside Theater haunted?
Is the Brookside Theater haunted?

The building is a former Second World War memorial and social club for senior citizens, and in the two years since it was converted into a theater, he says it’s had plenty of unexplained events, said Jai Sepple, who runs the 140-seat volunteer-run theater.

From the appearance of figures that later vanished without a trace to a child’s footprint, there were several other strange occurrences. One of the theater’s cast members, who is supposed to be quite heavyset, claimed he was pushed into a toilet by an invisible force, reported The Daily Mail.

A singular Footprint Of A Child Confirms The Presence Of A Ghost?
A singular Footprint Of A Child Confirms The Presence Of A Ghost?

Why inspect a CCTV footage, when no crime happened? The owner says he was compelled to check the footage since the chair was moved when he opened the theater, the next day. “One of the last things I do when I close up is line-up all the chairs so I knew something had happened. It had clearly moved. As the chair was out of line, we decided to check the CCTV footage.”

As for the haunted nature of the theater, Jai simply said, “There have been several things that have happened in the past, noises and creeks etc., but we’ve got used to it.”

[Image Credit |The Daily Mail]