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Beautiful Photos Of Stillborn Baby Taken By California-Based Photographer Will Break Your Heart

A photographer from California captured some beautiful photos of a little girl who was stillborn. Lindseyann Natzic-Villatoro owns and operates Love Song Events & Photography. Usually taking pictures of the happy faces of an expecting couple or a giggly newborn, Natzic-Villatoro witnessed a lot of smiles in her career. After the husband of one of her friends was diagnosed with cancer, however, Natzic-Villatoro decided to try something different, and so she photographed his journey.

According to her website, she captured so many memories of his life that his family will cherish forever. After her experience, she decided to offer “Loved and Lost” sessions, and she has dedicated a good portion of her career to helping people have fond memories through their hardest times in life.

“At times my clients may be terminal, very sick, have healed from a sickness or a loved one has died and their family wants me to showcase who they loved and who they were as a person.”

Lindseyann Natzic-Villatoro was recently asked to photograph a stillborn baby, a gorgeous little girl named Monroe Faith Staley. Natzic-Villatoro shared the heartbreaking story on her Facebook page, where thousands of people have shared their warm thoughts, prayers, and praise for a family who went through unthinkable tragedy, but has beautiful pictures of their little girl to keep for the rest of their lives.

The mother-to-be found out that her baby girl had died in her womb after the umbilical cord got wrapped around her neck. A friend of the woman reached out to Natzic-Villatoro and asked if she would be available to capture the moments to come — including the baby’s birth. What came next — and the pictures that were captured — will break your heart. Natzic-Villatoro showed up at the hospital on a Saturday morning, ready to support these parents, not really knowing how the day would play out.

“I was here to help them both. I also told them that there way NO right way to handle this. If they wanted to freak out on me, throw something, cry, yell… whatever, it was absolutely OK.”

The stillborn baby came into the world via c-section. Supportive, emotional, and completely selfless, Natzic-Villatoro did her absolute best to be there for this family — for these strangers who quickly became her friends. She was there when baby Monroe was born, and she captured some of the most precious moments of this new family.

“At 7:52 am I looked at that clock and sweet baby Monroe Faith Staley was born. I was the first to see her. My eyes quickly filled with tears as I pulled my mask down, looked over to mom and dad and said, ‘SHE IS PERFECT.’ Together we all cried. I stood next to the baby and watched the nurses give Monroe her first sponge bath, I touched her hands, put the hat I brought her on and took a few pictures.”

While there were some smiles and even a couple of giggles, Natzic-Villatoro knew that these people were living a real-life nightmare. There weren’t any words to make it better, or any silence to make it worse. Family members came to the hospital to meet baby Monroe (6 pounds, 2.5 ounces), and Natzic-Villatoro kept taking pictures — capturing moments — and making a difference in the lives of this remarkable family.

Mom, Emily, 26, and dad, Richard, 29, are also parents to a 5-year-old boy. The couple wanted the photos of their daughter to be shared. There has been a GoFundMe page set up for anyone who wants to donate and help the Staley’s give baby Monroe a proper memorial service.

While stillborn baby stories aren’t of the feel-good nature, there are people in the world — like Lindseyann Natzic-Villatoro — who do wonderful things for people who have gone through such unimaginable heartbreak. In a related report by The Inquisitr, a man named Gerald Kumpula picked up a crib that was meant for a baby who didn’t make it. He turned the crib into a bench and returned it to the family.

It’s the selfless things that tend to have the biggest impact on people. And that, right there? Has to make you smile.

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