Kim Zolciak Shows Off Tight Bikini Body, Claims Her Size Is The Same After Six Kids

Kim Zolciak just had twins eight months ago, but the Real Housewives of Atlanta star sure doesn’t look it.

The mom of six just posted a picture of herself in a bikini and showing off her flawless figure. Kim claimed that the rigors of carrying babies for more than four years of her life hasn’t had much of an effect, saying she’s been the same size her entire life (#beenthesamesizemyentirelife).

Kim captioned the shot:

“Another @beachbunnyswimwear I tried on today!!! Im obsessed with swimsuits! I won’t even tell u how many I own!! #beenthesamesizemyentirelife Even after 6 kids!! #grateful #curvalicious”

The picture is something of a sequel for Kim Zolciak, who took a bikini selfie last year when she was still pregnant with the twins. The shot showed off Kim’s growing baby bump but her otherwise small frame.

At the time, Kim said the idea of increasing her family from six to eight people was a dream.

“I can’t believe I am going to be a mom to six children… It’s going to be very busy, but it’s a dream come true.”

The post-baby body transformation is even more impressive given the fact that Kim Zolciak gained 50 pounds with her latest twins. Kim said that the weight loss came naturally to her.

“I definitely think genetics play a role, that’s No. 1,” she told E! News last year. “No. 2, I think with twins that every little morsel of food that you eat…goes to the baby. I made two human beings at the same time and I gained 50 pounds. Which I gained 50 pounds with KJ, so the twins, I think they took it from me.”

“And,” Kim admitted, “I do wear kind of like a homemade-type girdle after I had the babies, for six weeks, and I’m wrapped so damn tight for a period of time—and it makes your stomach flat as a board.”

Kim Zolciak said she has a strict diet to keep the weight off, but also uses a secret weapon — the diet drug Xenadrine.