Facts you cannot unlearn

We Dare You To Watch This Video Filled With Facts You Cannot Unlearn

Facts. Not only are they the key building blocks in our understanding of the world, but they can be fun, too. Some of them.

But some facts, well, we’re better off not knowing — except maybe as a means of self-defense. With that in mind we dare you — no, we double-dog dare you — to watch this video assembled by the fact-masters at BuzzFeed. In just over a minute you will learn several of the most interesting facts you’re likely to come across today.

But you may wish you hadn’t.

Some of these facts go by quickly and will send you straight to Google for more facts about these facts. For example, the serial killer mentioned in the video (Wait, what? Serial killer?) is Pedro Alonzo Lopez. You can read his whole story here, if you have the guts.

And if that doesn’t give you nightmares, be glad you don’t live in New York City where people apparently now kill themselves more than they kill each other.

Actually, that fact, while true, is somewhat misleading. The reality is, New Yorkers actually commit suicide at a lower rate than other Americans — six out of every 100,000 compared to 11 — but New York City’s murder rate has dropped to historic lows. So that murder-suicide fact is actually good news.

So watch this BuzzFeed video of bizarre and haunting facts, but don’t say we didn’t warn you.