Dad Films Epic Announcement

Precious! Parents Create Epic Video Announcing Their Superhero Daughter’s Coming Sidekick [Video]

When it comes to announcing an epic event like a wedding or new baby, most people still stick to more conventional means, like mailed announcements or an announcement in person with family and friends gathered around. Others post big news on social media, like Faecbook or Twitter. But when Dad is a cinematographer who has worked on Hollywood movies, well, ordinary announcements just won’t do.

D.J. Dittenhoefer and Renea Dittenhoefer took their big announcement to a whole new level, enlisting the help of their petite superhero, 3-year-old Bella Reese. They have produced an epic video, complete with dramatic music, daring rescues, a hidden identity, and breaking news of a new addition coming soon.

Their Bat Girl in 4K video announcement was an instant hit at Yellowhammer Multimedia, where D.J. Dittenhoefer is currently the video director of Yellowhammer News. According to Yellowhammer’s Facebook description, they are “Alabama’s go-to source of news and opinion on politics, faith and culture.” And now, adorable epic videos.

According to Yellowhammer, this is no ordinary home video. How could it be? Dittenhoefer of Alabaster, Alabama, has been involved with working on Hollywood movies. The camera he used to film this epic announcement is the same kind that was used for such blockbusters as The Lord of the Rings.

Dittenhoefer describes himself on Twitter as “Cinematographer. Colorist. Husband. Dad.”

He and his family have created an announcement like none other, “right down to the surprising plot twist at the end that sent Yellowhammer’s offices into an uproar when we first viewed it.”

Social media is becoming ever more popular, and convenient, for breaking big news. Gone are the days of waiting for the 5 o’clock evening news. Even Royals have been known to take to social media for epic announcements. Last summer, The Inquisitr reported that Prince William and Kate Middleton announced the wonderful news of their newborn bundle of joy via Twitter, to the great delight of a public that was eager for the report.

Has this family raised the bar for birth announcements? Can the public compete with such epic plots, dramatic music, and visual effects? How will the Dittenhoeffer’s announce the arrival of their Bat Girl’s sidekick? Is the world ready? Are you?

[image via screenshot from YouTube]