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Teen Raped At Keith Urban Concert By 18-Year-Old Man In Front Of Hundreds Of Fans

It has been reported by the Daily Mail that a 17-year-old spectator at a Keith Urban concert last weekend was raped by 18-year-old Sean Murphy in front of hundreds of people. Some of the audience filmed the rape on their phones.

The incident apparently took place at the Xfinity Center in Mansfield on Saturday night. The country music gig descended into chaos — apart from the rape — with 22 fans sent to hospital for intoxication and 50 people held by police on alcohol-related charges.

The suspect, who reportedly attacked his victim at the event in full view of other fans, has been charged with sexual assault. The police report noted that someone at the concert eventually told a police officer at the venue that she believed a rape had taken place.

When the victim was asked by the woman who spoke to the officer if the sex was consensual, she said “no.”

The woman who reported the incident also said she herself pushed Murphy off the victim. Fans who witnessed the alleged attack provided police with cellphone footage of what they saw.

The event was a wild one by most standards, and one onlooker even said kids of 14 and 15 were in the crowd vomiting on other concert-goers. Even Keith Urban himself commented on a video tweeted after the concert: “Gosh, up on the lawn tonight, that was nutso. It was so cool,” he said in the video.

Over 46 drunk fans required medical assistance as ambulance after ambulance attended the Xfinity Center, with one official declaring the event a “mass casualty” incident.

One fan who commented on said that she saw one teenager projectile vomiting on the lawn and others so drunk they “can’t even hold their heads up.”

The police and fire departments of Mansfield, located around 30 miles south of Boston, released a joint statement, saying, “Last evening’s Keith Urban concert was not anticipated to present with the volume of issues handled.”