Kate Middleton Takes Time To Be Playful, Despite Rumors of Pregnancy and Miscarriage

Kate Middleton has been a hot topic in the news media lately after reports of a pregnancy surfaced and rumors ran rampant about the baby’s future name. Although Princess Diana was rumored to be honored with passing on her name to the baby, rumors quickly surfaced that Kate Middleton had miscarried the baby. Despite the rampant supply of contradictory new headlines, Kate Middleton took some time to play three tins at the SportsAid reception in Glasgow.

With elegance and poise, Kate Middleton rocked her cerulean Stella McCartney dress, navy blazer, and skyscraper high Stuart Weitzman Corkswoon wedge shoes. Three tins is a popular game where the players knock down three tins with a ball and then run to the middle of a square to restack them into a tower. Once rebuilt, the player then jumps over the tins three times. Kate Middleton completed the game with ease, despite wearing an outfit that would hinder anyone with lesser catlike prowess. Prince William and Prince Harry were also in attendance.

According to Richard Hartley-Parkinson, of The Mirror, Kate Middleton was instructed of the rules by one of the players.

“She listened to one of the children explain the rules of the game which involves knocking down three tins with a ball before running into the middle of the square, rebuilding them and hopping over them three times.

She cheered as she knocked the tins over and looked up and smiled after completing the task in her high wedges.”

After the game of three tins, Kate Middleton and the two Princes met up with Usain Bolt, who will be running a relay at the games.

As the royals toured the games and met with athletes, Prince Harry and Prince William played video games with some of the athletes and Kate Middleton took time to chat with Theo Piniau, a runner from Papua New Guinea, and simmer Barbara Vali. Vali had a few words to say about Kate Middleton:

“She was so, so nice, really encouraging.”

Over 450 athletes were in attendance of the event and will be competing in SportsAid. The athletes that had the opportunity to spend time with Kate Middleton, Prince Harry, and Prince William, were each treated to their warm and courteous demeanor and willingness to join in on the games, despite their wardrobes. Overall, the royals acted more like fans and willing competitors than kings and queens, princes and princesses, or any stereotype of royalty you can imagine.

[Photo Courtesy: Yahoo News]