Miranda Kerr Reveals Feelings On Celebrating Individuality By Banding Together

Miranda Kerr has been in the news lately due to a spat between her ex boyfriend, Orlando Bloom, and Justin Bieber, as reported by the Inquisitr. Despite the does of negative exposure, a more positive story has surfaced in the form of an interview she had with Marie Claire. The interview revealed how Miranda Kerr believes in celebrating individuality, rather than attempting to be like everyone else, while still accepting the support of others.

“What I’m trying to encourage, specially within young women, is for them to celebrate individuality, embrace their authenticity and really feel like they don’t have to fit into certain type of box.

Everyone is so different and we need to stand together and empower each other as women to be the best versions of ourselves that we know we can be. To achieve that, we need to feel our best, so we should motivate each other to eat healthy and expand on things we love doing. Some people are more intellectual, some people are really funny, whatever it is, we all have something unique to bring to the table.

So, find what it is that you’re passionate about, be true to your beliefs and don’t feel that you have to be anything but yourself.”

It seems as though Miranda Kerr has her life figure out and is willing to share her experiences and successes with other women in the world. However, her advice may be applicable to men as well. Prioritizing time and efficient planning are key elements to her success.

“It’s really been a great lesson for me on learning how to prioritize my time and planning efficiently so I make sure that I have enough quality time with my son,” said the Australian beauty. “And, obviously being a businesswoman and a mother and working with different companies it’s important for me that I balance it all out so that I can give my best, first and foremost to my son, but then also to my clients, and take care of my cosmetic business Kora Organics.”

With so much on Miranda Kerr’s plate, and the unnecessary interruption of the spat between Justin Bieber and Orlando Bloom, it is essential that Miranda Kerr keeps her business and personal lives organized.

“I’m definitely more organized now that I’ve ever been and that’s good for me because I already have my next two years planned out with certain contracts that I have, but I make sure that I take a few days off to be with my son when I get home. We read or dance together, we go and hang out with a playgroup or draw together. Those special moments are really important. I’m working ‘moth-er’ not ‘harder.'”

[Photo Courtesy: News.Com]