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Robyn Lawley Posts Nude Selfie On Instagram, Protests Coal Mine Project

Aussie model Robyn Lawley undoubtedly shocked fans on Instagram Monday when she posted a nude selfie, and allowed body language to do all the talking.

The plus-size model, who is a strong voice of body acceptance, appears to have injected herself into politics over Australia’s recent approval of a controversial coal mining project. By all accounts, her message of protest didn’t fall on deaf eyes, ahem, ears, citing an Irish Independent report.

On Robyn Lawley’s torso was a handwritten message in crimson lipstick that read: “Stop Coal Mining.” The curvy and hypnotically tall and stunning model didn’t prune her words when speaking out against an environmental threat, which has a reported negative impact on climate change.

Lawley displayed her angst with the mining company by posting an extended diatribe on Instagram. It read in part:

“Woke up this morning to find out that our Environmental minister and the abbott government have approved what will be the biggest mine of Australia. Carmichael mine will cover an area seven times that of Sydney Harbour. The only way to get coal out of Carmichael mine is via the Great Barrier Reef. Millions of tonnes of seabed will have to be dredged and dumped in the World Heritage Area to make way for port expansions to service this mega-mine.”

Her attention then turned to alleged corruption at the highest levels of government.

“Minister Hunt knew the company behind the mine, Adani, had a dirty track record. In India, Adani has been investigated and fined for illegally building on villagers’ land and destroying protected mangrove areas. An investigation by the Karnataka anti-corruption ombudsman exposed Adani Enterprises’ active involvement in large-scale illegal exports of iron ore at its port, resulting in “huge” economic losses to the Government. Documents seized from Adani’s offices revealed the company was paying cash bribes to port officials, customs, police and local pollies in exchange for ‘undue favour for illegal exports.”

Robyn Lawley’s protest was becoming clearer as her rant went deeper. She explained her reasoning for scrawling words on her torso and taking the stripped-down selfie. Finally, she made one last plea to her social media fans.

“Coal is soon going to be a dead commodity only bought buy irresponsible countries who do not care about climate change and the damage on the world. I’m shocked and feel powerless so I decided to get people to read this one way or another, we have to stop them…..before its too late.”

Lawley’s naked selfie (warning: NSFW) speaks volumes and underscores the need for more debate on the issue of global warming and finding cleaner alternatives for fuel and energy. The leggy brunette is not the first to use her assets to protest an issue, law or initiative; there’s a growing list of PETA supporters who’ve bared-all for the organization in the past. That being said, it demonstrates the expressive and inherent nature of this democracy.

During an interview with Vogue last year, Lawley talked about dieting and other aspects of her high-flying life, one to include her penchant for speaking candidly. To that she said, “I think I’m so outspoken because if I had someone to look up to at that age, I would have been able to handle it better.”

The Inquisitr covered a story recently about another of Robyn Lawley’s selfies, albeit one with her clothes on and unretouched. The size-14 model, who stands at 6’2″ tall, shared a bikini pic of herself sans makeup and the obligatory Photoshop rendering. Many applauded her efforts to uplift women of all walks of life to their inner-beauty. However, some took it as a sleight to those to use commercial enhancements to look their best.

In a Businessweek snapshot of the company, Adani Mining was incorporated in 2007 and is headquartered in Ahmedabad, India. The company specializes in exploration, mining and the selling of minerals, stones and coal. The binding agreement calls for a heavy gauge rail that channels into Queensland. Officials project will have a positive economic impact to the region with about 10,000 jobs created. Obviously, one outspoken model begs to differ.

Was Robyn Lawley’s naked selfie really a protest, or smokescreen for something else as some suggest? If so, was it proper? And finally, is this the new normal for political outcries?

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