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New Mexico State Trooper Caught Having Sex On Security Camera

Santa Fe Officer Sex

A police officer in Santa Fe, New Mexico has been caught on security camera having sex in public with an unknown female.

The officer was in his uniform and was having sex with the female on the hood of a car in the middle of the day.

At this time no comments are being provided by State Police in the area.

The video in question was obtained two weeks ago by TV station KOB after they filed a public request with the Santa Fe Sheriff’s office and it shows the officer still wearing his utility belt while engaging in sexual intercourse at the Santa Fe Canyon Ranch.

The station also spoke with various citizens in the area who all seemed to agree that the act was an egregious violation of the officers role.

Some responses to the incident included:

“It’s an inappropriate use of time,” along with “Inappropriate use of our tax money, I mean we pay these guys,” and “With that kind of judgment you don’t want him carrying a weapon,” also, “I think it’s an embarrassment to the state patrol, they should be ashamed.”

Since the police officer has not been named at this time KOB who knows the officers name has chosen to keep it private at this time, although they may release the officers identity during a future broadcast.

Here’s a video news report from the incident:

What do you think the officers bosses should do, should he be suspended, fined or fired for his actions?

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76 Responses to “New Mexico State Trooper Caught Having Sex On Security Camera”

  1. Michael Cushman

    How do we even really know he was on duty at the time? Maybe it's a big thrill for him and a girlfriend/wife to do "it" in public!

  2. Larry Crossman

    how do we even know iots a state trooper? it could be a costume. i dont see a patrol car

  3. Rob Cirbus

    At least I have access to females. What's your excuse for never writing a ticket in prison??

  4. Melissa Suzanne Horton

    Does any one besides me clearly see that this is non- consensual? Is it not obvious that he probably pulled her over for DUI and then forced her to comply to avoid jail time? Why has no one else seen this for what it is?

  5. Stephanie Bonds

    It doesn't look like rape, but I know I've been getting raped by the IRS for years and nobody seems to want to stop them!

  6. James Johnson

    Melissa, when writing this story I did think about that, however without any proof I wasn't about to end up in court over defamation 😉

  7. Larel Kiba

    Like I stated before, if he came around and saw two people doing that, he would quickly fine or arrest them, I'm sure and I don't think using the excuse "it's a big thrill" would fly with him.

  8. Ted Partsguy

    Just another example of police abusing thier authoritive power. The police ( SOME…NOT all people) always think because they wear the badge , nothing will happen to them. Fire his ass.

  9. Jenny Garnsey

    He should be on unpaid suspension if he is a real state trooper. If not, then he should get a fine for having sex in public, if not actually getting arrested for public nudity for both of them.

  10. Tom Snow

    Don't waste your breath people. We all get it from our police departments….she was just lucky enough to enjoy it.

  11. Patrick Sweeney

    I think that is a bit of a stretch of a story from just a picture. It seems like they are in a remote location so I doubt he pulled her over for DUI in such a place.

  12. Melissa Suzanne Horton

    Patrick, With all due respect – a remote location would be the ideal place to pull off such a thing. Look at her body language. She is in "rag doll" mode which suggests submission but not participation. @James allen Johnson Why did the police dept. not release the photos that would show the whole context? That would clear it all up.

  13. David Wemyss

    "To Protect & Serve" what a disgusting joke if it wasn't for the fact he is in uniform, in public and breaking laws that he would surely detain, question, if not cite for indecent behavior in public. What few good LEOs we have must be mortified by the butt-headedness of their supposed brothers & sisters in blue. An insult if not a violation of the convenant with the public. Then they wonder why they are being held in such low regard?

  14. James Johnson

    Yeah Melissa I was wondering the same thing, I know the pictures were leaked outside of the department, I wouldn't be surprised if they had to cut through a bunch of red tape.

  15. Patrick Sweeney

    My point is that as a police officer he would not be in a remote location looking to pull a traffic stop. Take note as you drive around and you will see cops seem to stay on the busier main highways due to the increase volume of vehicles.

  16. Anonymous

    What's the big deal? That looks like a good way to thank a police officer.

  17. Anonymous

    A lot of women are posting on here "He should be blah…blah…blah.." But I don't see any derogatory comments towars her for spreading her legs on top of the car.

  18. Al Wal

    Roger that! (I thought is was just me, seeing some kind of animal there–I mean, Ron Jeremy had pets).

  19. Al Wal

    You're all jealous–total porn "scenario" in real life, an opportunity of a lifetime, Officer Fondlely did what the rest of us only dream about during the Andy Griffith Show; and he's still looking around, not to mention standing, which is more productive than hosing down donuts in a parked patrol car (the P.O. does the same thing, they idle their vehicles, milk the clock a little, or the cock, if they're really bored). And why all you chumps aren't over @ The Slammer is beyond me.

  20. David Wemyss

    Update: The LEO in question has been fired, 1 less morally corrupt LEO, how many more to go? Even his superiors couldn't overlook this self-serving idiot's shameful behavior and try to close ranks for him. But the silence is deafening from the blue rank & file over their brother officer, how do they feel about him and this? Good riddance to rubbish, he should be held up as a prime example of what's wrong with the priority and direction of law enforcement. The public needs & deserves better.

  21. Tony Zuk

    If I were chief, 2 week suspension and then assign him to parking enforcement. (METER MAN) For a year then review him and maybe put him back on patrol. Also he could work in the motor pool sweeping floors etc.. for 1 year. As far as firing him that would depend on his performance evaluations. If they are average to poor, find a new job, "YOUR'E FIRED!"

  22. Jeremy Hirst

    The irony is the Officer- is gay. We very well maybe looking at his audition tape for Straight porn. I'd have to hear the audio track to know for sure. LOL

  23. Carol Hartford

    The reason you do not see a police car, is simple. If you have ever been stopped you know they get out. And since the article says they have the name of the officer, I assume he is an officer. And he has been suspended. And on or off duty, it is to put it mildly, unprofessional. And as someone pointed out, who wants such a lame brain to carry a gun with the authority of the law behind it. His judgment stinks. And he most probably used the authority to detain, arrest for give a ticket, to have sex instead. If he wants a thrill let him get one in private, off duty.

  24. Al Wal

    De proof is in der puddin', Mary ('lil German there), but anyway, I have not been getting my notifs. for some time now, save for all that immigration biz over @ the, have dozens of those; my account is more wack than the Palins at a Crawford, TX fish fry (next week, I'll try FB blind-folded, I'm under-employed and got the time, and sow doez Teh Inquisitr).

  25. Joe King Jester

    "rag doll mode?"
    she's gripping the back of his legs with her feet!
    what if she's the one who suggested screwing in lieu of a ticket/trip to jail for whatever offense?
    although this act is highly unprofessional, and embarrassing for the NM DPS, i wouldn't be so quick to judge it as rape, based on a still frame pic, without seeing the full length video evidence of the entire act. i certainly don't approve or condone this kind of behavior, but i also don't condone sensationalism based on limited information. fact is fact, and speculation is more of a reflection of the speculator's fears and/or expectations of others' behaviors.

  26. Jeanne Coney

    Being married to a CHP officer I know that having sex with that belt on would be so difficult and awkward and I really question this whole thing.

  27. Anonymous

    Where I live they put a big picture of you with your name in the newspaper before you go to court. It pisses me off how "Johnny Law" gets to play with different rules than "Joe Blow"! This lecher should be fired, fined, and jailed for indecent exposure and public fornication and should also be listed as a registered sex offender for life. I would like to see his citation and arrest records to find out how many couples he has harassed for similar offenses…

  28. Vanessa Torrez

    if u keep looking at a clos=up tha way her skin looks she looks really young, for al we knw she might be under age or in her lat-teen's kind a makes you wonder if cops this days could be trusted.

  29. George Ramos

    Fire the bastard for wasting the time he should have been looking for bad guys while instead doing some whore. She wasn't the only one gettin screwed that day. He took it to all New Mexicans.

  30. Michael P Coleman

    Sex in the work place. Nothing new. THE REAL CRIMINALS ARE IN THE WHITE HOUSE! A so called president that has ovr 20 years of GOD DAMMING THE U.S.A. The banking scam is still going on! Fannie and Freddie want billions more money! Yet no one is in jail.

  31. Chasity Leigh

    Where can I pay my tickets like that! Sweet! Seriously though police officers are human and make mistakes just like the rest of us. I am sure most of us would love to attempt this, he just shouldn't have been on the clock…..

  32. Twyla Dorzweiler

    must not have been too remote of a location for a security camera to pick it up. Wow. tsk tsk tsk @ that!

  33. Dustin Robertson

    Eric Patty Luke Snyder I think they should just allow this too happen. I agree its not rape. unless hes choking her. but anyways its a great way to pay your get out of jail restitution with the police officers.

  34. Rucko Austin

    he should be fired , why don't they mention his name, so his wife don't find out? that picture of his face will change that.whatadumbass!

  35. Anonymous

    It appears that the girl is very young and looks like he tore her jeans off which means it could very possibly be rape. He should be fired and they should investigate it further.

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