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Matthew Fox Detained Allegedly Assaulting a Woman

Lost actor Matthew Fox was briefly detained- but reportedly not arrested- after he allegedly punched a female bus driver in Cleveland.

Initial reports were conflicting, and some indicated the 45-year-old actor had been arrested for reportedly punching 29-year-old Heather Bormann. But most recent stories say the actor was “detained” and avoid any mention of an arrest. The altercation is said to have stemmed from Fox’s attempt to board a private party bus to return to his hotel- when the driver refused him entry, she says, the actor punched her in the chest and stomach.

Interestingly, all accounts of the story indicate the person who came out on top during the scuffle may have been the woman. Fox sustained a cut on his lip, but after he allegedly threw the punches, she struck back- and thought she might have broken her hand punching Fox. After the incident, an off-duty police officer detained Fox, who was then held by police before he was released to an unnamed friend.

The police report states:

“Victim states named suspect tried to board a private party bus that she was driving… Victim got up from the drivers seat and blocked the entrance… [Fox was then] released to a friend and conveyed to his hotel via taxi.”

Perhaps unsurprisingly, the police report surrounding the incident also mentions alcohol was a factor. No word on whether Bormann intends to attempt to press charges for the alleged assault. A rep for Matthew Fox was contacted but had no comment on the incident.