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Adele Absolutely Rocks MTV VMAs With “Someone Like You” Performance

adele someone like you video VMA

Singer Adele stole the show at the 2011 MTV VMAs with her performance of Someone Like You the huge hit that helped launch her mainstream musical career along with Rolling in the Deep from her sophomore album 21.

Standing center stage in a simple black dress the British songstress accompanied by just a piano backing belted out her hit song, earning a standing ovation from a room full of her peers.

Speaking to MTV News Lady Gaga called Adele:

“She’s a breath of fresh air and she’s so exciting and her music is adding another dimension to radio that’s so important. She’s [also] a truly lovely person — which, to me, is always my favorite.”

With the best selling record of the year (Rolling in the Deep) and a career that appears poised for greatness her clean infectious voice stood out as other acts relied on gimmicks and auto tuning (thanks Lil Wayne) to get the audience up on their feet.

Soulful, sultry and right to the point, everything Adele did during her performance shouted out that music can connect without all the theatrics and special effects singer fall back on during the digital age of music creation.

Bringing the house down with vocals isn’t easy to do but Adele managed and here’s the video for proof:

Let us know what you thought about Adele’s MTV VMAs performance

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56 Responses to “Adele Absolutely Rocks MTV VMAs With “Someone Like You” Performance”

  1. Michael Sullivan

    This was a decent performance, and I suppose today's unfortunate members of the "desirable demographic" consider this amazing……but we boomers grew up listening to people who could write, sing and out-perform amost anyone who makes up today's rather sad music scene. Better cars, better music, better clothes….but I will say that the young today are bringing in a better world than we had. Less hatred and discrimination etc….You kids just need to learn more about style and music and you'll be fine!

  2. James Johnson

    Under that assumption, singers from your generation were pathetic compared to Beethoven, Mozart and Chopin who would command a room and drop them into near silence. With that being said, I would put Adele's vocal performance up against her female contemporaries of the last 30-40 years. But I still don't think comparing today's music to the 70s is fair, I'm sure your parents said the same thing about your music growing up :)

  3. Michael Sullivan

    Actually, James…my mom loved the music I grew up with far better than the big bands of her day. My dad? Not so much! I only compared 2 neighboring generations music!! I didn't cast any aspersions on the music of the last century, the 40s,50s or even the 80s(which I'm rather fond of!) It is simply a lamentable truth that the music of the last 20 years or so has been abysmal. My musical tastes are varied. I love some classical, new age, soft jazz,certain country, new wave, rock and pop. Perhaps Adele will lead a revival of lyric driven music that is actually sung….in that event I will give her proper credit. The thing that is different from young people today versus boomers, or generations previous is that we all actually had music in school, and learned about song and harmony and such. Today the arts are the first things cut out of school programs, and some kids go all through school with no music training or exposure. No wonder they don't sing! No wonder they need to auto-tune the A-B-Cs!!! We had better exposure to music. We simply HAD better music before the last 20 years. You can't rationalize it away.

  4. Rodney Davis

    good…but really…not great! as a fan of adele and what her sound is trying to usher in/return to, I often wonder if her voice is waiting for enough maturity to actually deliver a bonafide knock out sound live. studio/record wise she is great, but her live performances aren't always as devastating as the press would have you believe (i.e. perez hilton–hehe). I still think she is one of the best out there right now, I'm just waiting to see what she brings when she hits 30 (which she will do because she is by no means one of the "27 club." Adele, if you happen to read this, think about what someone like Betty Carter did later in her career…

  5. Rodney Davis

    oh yeah, and stop smoking cigarettes….it DOES effect breath control….

  6. Paul G. DeCroix

    Adele does not need to rely on gimmicks like Lady Ga, Ga to gain attention. Adele picks up the microphone and sings. It is refreshing to have that kind of talent getting attention. Lady Ga, Ga was absurd tonight at the MTV awards. The guy thing was funny at first but she went over board and the awkward moment with Brit was just weird. Thank God Brit did not kiss the stinky Ga, Ga. Yucky!

  7. Diana Ossana

    Love her…her voice carries a depth of emotion that moves me to tears and beyond.

  8. Trixi Maness

    She's absolutely amazing! She's one of the few that can sing live and still sound wonderful. It's nice to see/ hear someone with such talent, that doesn't rely on a soundboard or a tricked mic to make their voice better.

  9. Brenda Moore

    absolutely beautiful only a small handful are gifted with the real talent, she is #1.To you Adele, loved it.

  10. Mary Dulgeroff

    Wow. No meat suits, 3 foot wedgies, wardrobe malfunctions, plastic eggs. Just a wonderful performance by a wonderful singer. Shows you what real talent can do. Talent doesn't need gimmicks or to be outrageous. True talent just IS.

  11. Peter Ottes

    I gotta agree with you James. Music is music and as far as I remember there was a lot of crap too in the 60's and 70's.This generation has a lot of talent floating about and you have to look for it beyond the hype. The music biz has chaged alot but talent is still around and this young lady Adele is an awesome example.

  12. Linda Ward

    I'm of this generation Michael, I could not disagree more. I am one who loved Babs Striesand and those voices you speak of, however, Adele is someone whom I believe comes along once in a lifetime! Every bit of Babs love for the art comes out in this woman. Her feelings are always left at the hearts of those who care and listen well. The real art is for those who can hear the pain, hear the timing, hear the notes clearly, it's all there! Maybe there are other songs she sings that have better tempo, which was exactly the case with the singers of our generation – but this woman has those songs as well! This woman is the real thing! She never believes in the yelling or belting out but the clairty in which she puts her voice out for all of us to enjoy! Adele – she's absolutely for real!

  13. Lori Simmons-Orlando

    I still think the live version from the live at the brits performance is my absolute favorite!

  14. Wilson Lindsay

    Have you heard the one she did in her home……………The best by far!!!

  15. Casey Baur

    Adele was the only one I saw at the VMA's with any real, raw talent, Her performances are always stunning and beautiful. Her album is amazing too. I didn't hear her first album but after hearing her latest, I plan on buying it ASAP. Maybe I'm getting old but most music coming out lately sucks. Adele is a breath of fresh air.

  16. Kim Molaschi Stark

    A decent performance? She's the real deal. U don't hear all the "mixing" that alot of music has today. Back in the day, u could hear all the instuments being "played", as well as vocals. Nowadays all of that is synthesized & done at different times. Alot of the mixed music is not as good to hear at a concert as a band or a singer (with only a piano) belt out their songs. All original, just sayin… She is amazing.

  17. MaryAnn Reiger

    On a show that is called the VMA that actually show very few videos this was a standout performance – it showed that true talent doesn't need shock value or gimmicks.

  18. Edie Dykeman

    What an awesome voice! Adele sings with a gritty realism that goes straight to the soul.

  19. Anonymous

    adele is a vocalist, not a singer. as such, she will be compared to other female vocalists. it's a short list. adele is not yet accomplished, but will become so- if she can withstand the stress incumbent with notoriety, and focus on developing her instrument. such as magicalminxrevue on fb.

  20. Dave Walsh

    Someone who actually just sings without dance numbers and special effects. She evokes such emotion when we signs and compromises nothing. A true artist and pro. I wish more were like her……

  21. Nichole Hite

    Rodney, get your facts straight before you go babbling off and making no sense at all!! You can only dream of having such an amazing gift that Adele has.

  22. Christopher Grubb

    Adele is usually unbelievable live. Watch her performance of this song on Jools Holland or David Letterman. It's unbelievable, but here she sounded like she was possibly sick or had laryngitis or something. Her vocals didn't sound as strong as they usually are. And I'm sure nerves had a lot to do with it. I mean, isn't this her first performance at the VMA's? I'm sure anyone would be nervous. But no matter what, she is still in my top 5 of favorite singers of all time. She's truly spectacular!

  23. Angel Samuel Agramonte

    I just don't see what's so amazing about this b! tch….

  24. Elizabeth Mason

    Four words to describe Adele… Absolutley FLAWLESS and a Class Act! I am 34 grew up in the 80's and 90's but I to grew up with Barbara Streisand, Bette Mdler, Liza Minelli, Patsy Cline, Reba, musicals etc.., as well as Nirvana and music like that. Adele has a voice that fits with the women I mentioned. It is very rare to hear talent like hers. That tear drop you can hear in her voice. The pain and longing… Awe inspiring! She is proof that you can just stand there sing and bring the house to their feet just like the women I mentioned also. She does not need lights, cables, explosives, and other crap like some of the performers last night. They use all that crap to cover up what they lack, Adele lacks nothing! Wonderful!

  25. Tina Daley Lee

    Amen. What was katy perry wearing on her head ….totally not cute.

  26. Casey Baur

    Yeah she looked like she belonged in the 80's cartoon Jem and the Holograms. Um Katy the 80's called and they want their outfit back. Like totally radical man!

  27. Paul G. DeCroix

    She reminds me of a singer who died several years ago, Eva Cassidy. Eva died prematurely of bone cancer before her career had a chance to blossom.

  28. Eddie Jakuboski

    Adele is something that Music has Needed for a long time , SOMEONE THAT CAN SING WITHOUT AND VOCAL ENHANCEMENT (hear me Brittany, J LO).I Absolutely Love this woman and can listen to her all nite long. Hope she has a Longsinging career ahead of her.

  29. Ben Thomas

    Adele is amazing and inspiring! To Mary Dulgeroff: Lady Gaga has an amazing voice as well, but her "gimmicks" as you call then connect her to her fan base and quite frankly earns here quite a bit more money than Adele. Stop being so bitter. Art is art!

  30. Janée Patrese Blue

    Adele was fantastic! Lady Ga Ga should take a lessonn from Adele. Both have have powerful talent and voices. Ga Ga would do as well without all the effects.

  31. Casey Baur

    Bite me. I wasn't putting Katy down just her outfit. Katy's hot and I love her music but that outfit was awful!

  32. Casey Baur

    Truth is I've always said Katy Perry could wear a trash bag and look hot but a hefty bag would've looked better.

  33. Daniel Garcia

    Everyone keeps saying that she's the "savior of today's music industry." Personally, I don't think you can compare her with other artists, her "gimmick" is her simplicity of a mic and an instrument. That certainly IS a gimmick. She has an amazing voice and a unique music style that everyone, including me, seems to like. But saying any other music is smut is simply not true. Music, like other forms of art, are subject to people likes and dislikes.One man's trash is another man's treasure. Adele is simply bringing something new to the table, but every artist need a gimmick, that's just how it is.

  34. Adele Celeste

    No lip sync here!!!!!! What a beauitful voice and she is REAL!!!!! love her and its not just the name lol

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