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Cesar Millan Dog Attack: Unleashed Great Dane Attacks Man On Street During Walk With ‘Dog Whisperer’

Cesar Millan Dog Attack

A dog attack involving a Great Dane in training with “Dog Whisperer” Cesar Millan happened Tuesday. TMZ reports that the large dog was in a training session with other dogs in Cesar’s group — all of them unleashed. Sources tell the entertainment website that the attack occurred near his home in Studio City, California.

Cesar was walking the small group of dogs when apparently a neighbor walked up to the Great Dane and let the animal sniff the palm of his hand; the dog unexpectedly bit the man’s hand and forearm. Cesar followed the victim to the hospital where he was treated then released. A source close to the man says “he’s healing” and will have a follow-up visit with his doctor on Wednesday.

A rep for Cesar Millan confirms the Great Dane attacked the man and explains that the Dog Whisperer was walking a “troubled dog” as part of its training, when it got “spooked by a neighbor.” Millan’s rep states that the dog is still in his care.

Great Danes are a large breed of dog that can grow to be 100 or 120 pounds. A striking breed, the Great Dane is seen as a gentle giant with an imposing presence. According toYour Purebred Puppy, some lines are more friendly than others, as with all breeds. Some are more “standoffish or “skittish” than other bloodlines.

The article also writes:

“To build their confidence and promote a stable temperament, young Great Danes must be taken out into the world more frequently than most other breeds.

“Some Great Danes are peaceful with other pets, while others are dominant and pushy.”

Cesar Millan stresses the importance of socialization with dogs. He often tells his clients that they must exhibit a calm and assertive manner when working with canines, large or small. Millan has worked with Great Danes on his show, The Dog Whisperer. In one episode he worked with owners to gain more control over their two dogs, and in another he helped teach a Dane how to swim in the pool.

Other articles on The Inquisitr have reported on Cesar Milan before. After Cesar’s favorite dog died, he went into a bad depression. Another article touches on an appearance Cesar made on a British TV show in which he was called out for abusing dogs by using shock collars and other physical disciplinary methods, for which he isn’t known for. More on that can be read in this article.

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33 Responses to “Cesar Millan Dog Attack: Unleashed Great Dane Attacks Man On Street During Walk With ‘Dog Whisperer’”

  1. Joanie Caldwell-Kenoshmeg

    This guy doesn't respect leash laws? He has other failed rehabs online, too. I guess they can't cut and paste his boo boos outn real life and make him look like something he is not.

  2. Sue Hutson

    Highly unusual, great danes are generally mellow and can even be very shy with strangers. I hope his hand heals and the dog gets a safe home.

  3. Judy Hengel

    I never approach, make eye contact or give any attention to anyone's dog. I like dogs and have had a few in my lifetime, but they are still animals and I would never feel right to say my dog was safe 100% of the time. I wondered what this man had been touching beforehand. A ferret, a cat? I have flags go up reading this story being a neighbor was bitten.

  4. Carolyn Edwards

    I have always respected Caser's training ideals,and methods,but this "Romper Room" method of letting a Pack run loose,and off leash,is first breaking leash laws,and then allowing an untrained animal to run off leash is just stupid!In these situations all three involved should assume reponsibilityShear ignorance on the neighbors part for reaching out to a strange dog,I do not know how many bite incidents have to occur before the "General Public",will stop doing this,and Caser for allowing an animal supposedly in his control to do this,and yes a dog with bad behavior.Guess as a trainer,I will stick to my old school training methods used for 30 yrs. sucessfully.

  5. Karen Zisser

    Well he should not have been walking the dogs in a public place off the leash. The man who went to pet the dog should not have approached the dog unless he asked permission and if they dog was ok to be petted. Both sides were in error.

  6. Anonymous

    The good news is that there are plenty of lawyers around there to help.

  7. Gary L. Reno Jr.

    Hang in ther Cesar, you've have done great good, for us humans and our canine companions.

  8. Dimi Oiseaux

    I have trained dogs all my life and I know leash or no leash in public ANY dog can display erratic behavior when confronted with a stranger.

  9. Vickie Anne Sexton

    Being off the leash had NOTHING to do with it. The man walked up to the dog, and put his hand in its face. I would have bitten him, too. I ask you, what difference would the leash have made?

  10. Michael Peel

    This man with the help of Nat Geo has single handedly set dog training and behaviour back ten years with his outdated and flawed nit to mention abusive methods.

  11. Anonymous

    Other names Deutsche Dogge
    German Mastiff
    Nicknames Gentle Giant
    Country of origin Germany
    Weight Male 120–200 lb (54–91 kg)
    Female 100–130 lb (45–59 kg)
    Height Male 30–34 in (76–86 cm)
    Female 28–32 in (71–81 cm)
    Life span 6–8 years

    If the author can't even be bothered to get the weight of the breed correct what else are they missing. I'm not saying I agree with the canine being off it's leash or that the neighbor was right in just walking up to the dog, but there is probably more that the author couldn't be bothered to get right.

  12. Jeanne Brennan

    You are being generous. Most people believe he's set dog training back 50 years.
    Even biologist and zoologists wish he'd STP spreading his myth and epic stories about wolves.
    Amazing that he still talks about dogs as if they were baby wolves. News flash people….. If your two year old child has a melt down in the grocery store have CONFIDENCE! He or she is NOT trying to become the dominant ape!

  13. Jeanne Brennan

    Actually, a responsible dog trainer would not have let someone approach a dog w/ an iffy history.

    A responsible dog trainer would have had a client's dog on a leash.

    A responsible dog trainer would read and respect dog body language.

    A responsible dog trainer using modern method, proven by science and recommended by veterinary behaviorists would not use a technique called flooding.

    The dog must now be on a mandatory 10 day quarantine and the owners of the dog may have problems with their home owners insurance.
    I'm sure the Millan people are already doing damage control. I've already seen some stories on this disappear from the internet, and they will throw lots of money at people after they are asked to sign a confidentiality agreement.
    That's how he rolls.
    It's why you can't find much info on the lab he almost killed at his "Psychology " center.

  14. Jeanne Brennan

    It doesn't matter what the neighbor touched prior.
    No responsible dog trainer sets a dog up to fail like that.

  15. Jeanne Brennan

    Being off leash and having an irresponsible dog trainer NOT looking out for the client's dog has everything to do with it.

  16. Rick Krissy Stoneberg

    I believe in him and his methods!!!!! If you don't then there is no need to be so evil!!! People have to put to put other people down to make their selves feel good! It is sad!!!!

  17. Cristina Dullanty

    Where does it say that the dogs were in a public place off leash? It says, they were off leash NEAR HIS HOME when a neighbor approached the pack. Besides that, dogs can bite you leash or no leash. By the way, a few "failed rehabs" doesn't make Cesar "something he's not", Cesar is just trying to teach us how to understand dogs and their behaviors so we can be better pet owners, and I think that's kind of awesome!

  18. Tara Mellor

    Jeanne Brennan the man should not have butted in and stuck his hand in dogs face he had no right to do so, he could clearly see the dog was in training with mr millan yet still thought fit to interfere.

  19. Tara Mellor

    no body knows the full story at all! and for all those who keep commenting all the time bad mouthing, have u nothing better to do? were u there? no! do half of u even have any degree or working experience with dogs? no! could Mr Milan have told the man in question not to approach the dog and been ingored? yes!. would a lead have stopped the dog from biting the man shoving his hand in a dogs face? no. is the man in the wrong for approaching a dog he could clearly see in training that had nothing to do with him. YES so is it his own fault? YES. I hope all you people with nothing better to do than act like you know all about dogs when you don't even have a job with them have something go around about you and hope this bull that you see it to dish out is what you get back. working with dogs there is bound to be things that happen, it is how it is. clearly you know it all people never had a mishap no?????? things happen, that is life. you lot know naff all and have nothing better to do

  20. Heather Bashow

    The only aggressive Great Dane I never knew was that way because his ears were clipped twice – first time didn't work. This is a painful operation and should be banned.

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