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Christian Man Has Lips Burned With A Cigarette For Eating During Ramadan

Christian sentenced

A Christian man in Iran was sentenced by a judge to have his lips burned by a cigarette after he was found eating during the Muslim holy month of Ramadan.

Ramadan is a time when Muslims around the world fast from sunrise to sunset for the period of a month, but even according to Islamic law the fast doesn’t apply to non-Muslims, in most cases.

The horrific punishment was carried out on a public square in the city of Kermanshah in front of a large crowd of people who turned out to watch the barbaric display of Iran’s version of justice.

The city’s deputy governor, Ali Ashraf Karami, confirmed that five other Muslim men were given 70 lashes at the same time as the lip burning, also for not fasting on Ramadan. Interesting that the Muslim men received a lesser punishment than the Christian man, even though he had no obligation under religious law to fast during Ramadan.

The National Council of Resistance of Iran, a political coalition which opposes the government, denounced the treatment as ‘savage’ and called on the west to take action. A spokesperson for the Council said in a statement:

“The silence of the world community, especially of western countries, vis-à-vis these medieval punishments under the excuse of having nuclear talks with Iran has intensified the brutal and systematic violation of human rights in Iran. This will ultimately embolden the Iranian regime to continue its nuclear projects more than before.”

Iran has already come under some serious criticism from the UN for their open persecution of Christians in a report which was published in March. The report noted that Iran continuously persecutes and falsely imprisons Christians, simply because of their faith, claiming they are “threats to national security.”

As of January 2014, the UN said that at least 49 Christians were in prison in Iran, as part of 307 members of religious minorities held by the regime.

The UN is not the only body to have condemned the Islamic regime. The Brussels-based organization, Human Rights Without Frontiers (HRWF), named Iran as one of five countries with the largest number of “freedom of religion or belief prisoners.”

Sadly, all of Iran’s 250,000 Christian residents face the prospect of torture, imprisonment and the death sentence under Sharia law for not observing Islamic religious festivals and dress codes.

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13 Responses to “Christian Man Has Lips Burned With A Cigarette For Eating During Ramadan”

  1. Ajax Lessome

    Despite Iran’s attempt to persuade the world otherwise, it remains a brutal theocracy where anything, even a simple as eating during Ramadan can land you a flogging sentence it rubs the Islamist authorities the wrong way.

    Iran’s history of human rights oppression has if anything gotten worse under the term of President Hassan Rouhani. Since his election almost 800 dissidents, political prisoners, homosexuals, women and even children have been executed, most in grisly public hangings and all over the objections of the international community, including Amnesty International and Human Rights Watch.

    It is fool's gold for those who believe open moderation will have any kind of effect on a regime that has long been ruled not by the desires of its people, but by the religiously inspired decrees of a select few ruling mullahs.

  2. Brandy Spears

    The sin of eating. Whoever thought up that rule was batshit crazy.

  3. Rupert Franks

    Islam, religion of peace and the followers of merciful Allah. What a joke.

  4. Aksa Akeel Masih

    It's your damn religion, don't impose your curse on other religion.
    Show off religion.
    Do you Muslims fast to please your Allah or to punish people ?

    Worldly and Evil religion. If your religion would from God then you Muslims will focus on pleasing God than hurting people especially, who have nothing to do with your religion.
    Come your senses you evil doers. Definitely, a Satanic religion.

  5. Tim Ngim

    Not all Muslim countries are like that. Come to Malaysia-certain states may be like that but the capital is very liberal-non-Muslims are only encouraged to not eat or drink in front of fasting Muslims, and the normal non-Muslim citizens know that. No one will be penalised for eating or drinking, if an ID check shows he/she is not a Muslim (tourists included) he/she will be let go. White tourists of course understood they are non-Muslims.

    Even Muslim citizens themselves tell their non-Muslim contacts "its your right to eat, you are not a Muslim, you are not obligated to fast. But if you are a Muslim, then you better follow the Islamic laws"

    Often Muslim organization tries to be holier-than-thou and force all Muslim restaurants (non-Muslim restaurants exist too) to close during Ramadan. And who protests the most? The Muslim restaurant owners themselves, claiming "we have large non-Muslims clientele, WHY do you want us to lose the chance to earn income for the coming Eid celebrations?" So its Muslim Restauranteurs vs Muslim bigot organizations.

    But no action will be taken against non-Muslims for eating or drinking in public. The religious police (if there are any) only want to catch Muslims who do not fast.

  6. Tim Ngim

    Most other Muslim countries they only catch Muslims. Non-muslims have the right to eat & drink.

  7. Benjo Lim

    In saudi arabia they do that, but just to be clear we should also respect and follow their rules. On the contrary people in saudi arabia tend to be barbaric because of their beliefs also..

  8. Benjo Lim

    In saudi arabia they do that, but just to be clear we should also respect and follow their rules. On the contrary people in saudi arabia tend to be barbaric because of their beliefs also..

  9. Shakeel's Art Work

    what islam teaches you mulims? to punish others if they do not follow your rules. its your religion, did you ever see in any christian country like this? did they punish any non christian in their country for not following their religious rules? is it justice? think

  10. Jon Wright

    As a matter of fact, Christians have done exactly that to the Native American peoples, besides much worse as you know well.

  11. Salai Zan

    Everywhere in the world, commonly Christian always suffer, because Bible( Jesus) taught us to love and forgive everyone, show compassion to anyone.Do not be afraid of those who kill the body but cannot kill the soul. Rather, be afraid of the One who can destroy both soul and body in hell. God loves

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