Man captures heartwarming video of a South African orphanage

Man Brings GoPro To South African Orphanage, The Video He Captures Will Put A Smile On Your Face [VIDEO]

The video that one man captured using a GoPro camera while visiting a South African orphanage will put a smile on your face.

According to their website, the story starts back in 2012 when a man named Nick was visiting his brother Chris at the University of Cape Town.

After graduating Northwestern University, Nick was looking for something to put his heart into that would make a difference and matter in the grand scheme of things. While visiting a local orphanage in Cape Town, Nick realized just how much this community was in need.

Deciding to stay and help the orphanage, Nick never returned from that trip to visit his brother and has been helping the orphanage ever since. The video above was shot by Chris when returning to the orphanage after being gone for six months. The joy and happiness in these children will undoubtedly put a smile on your face.

The brothers have also started a U.S.-based non-profit called “Intsikelelo,” the name the community gave Nick, which is Xhosa for “blessing.”

The mission statement for the brother’s non-profit states that their goal is to:

“Help orphaned, HIV infected, homeless, abused, and neglected children in South Africa. We accomplish this by working with foster homes and childcare organizations to strengthen their structure, operations, and fundraising to help them reach operational and financial sustainability. We also work with the South African Department of Social Development, Department of Human Settlements, and various local and international charities and businesses to create meaningful partnerships that leverage these different resources to maximize impact.”

If you would like to learn more about Intsikelelo, please visit their website and Facebook to do so.

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[H/T Reddit user magwenya]