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If this doesn’t touch in your heart then you don’t have one


On August 6, 2011 30 American soldiers where killed when the helicopter they were riding in was shot down in Afghanistan by Taliban fighters. One of those soldier’s was Navy SEAL U.S. Petty Officer 1st Class Jon T. Tumilson.

During the service honoring the soldier Tumlison’s dog, Hawkeye, walked up to the casket and laid down in front of it heaving a big sigh.

Tumlison’s cousin, Lisa Pembleton wrote on Facebook that Hawkeye was Tumlison’s loyal pet and refused to leave his side during the funeral. The following looping time lapse video was shot during the service.

Even in death a dog’s friendship is unwavering.

via Discovery and IsViral

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7 Responses to “If this doesn’t touch in your heart then you don’t have one”

  1. Todd Rodericks

    Just read the same story and teared up… Can't wait to get home and hold my pups!!

  2. Ethan Roccia

    brought tears to my eyes. RIP to a American hero and I need to go home and hold my dog now.

  3. Laci Lynn

    Wow… brought tears to my eyes.. Not called "man's best friend" for nothing… :'( There are some humans who could learn a thing or two about true unwavering loyalty and love from a dog. Such loyal creatures always aiming to please…

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