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LeAnn Rimes Confronted About Weight Loss by Random Fellow Diner


Some of you might think singer slash actress LeAnn Rimes has gotten too thin- the star has been criticized for perhaps overdieting in recent press mentions.

However, one fan stepped completely out of line in their “concern” for Rimes- interrupting the newlywed’s dinner to urge her to eat more! The story comes straight from Rimes, who angrily tweeted her experience while dining Saturday night to her 167,000 followers. According to Rimes, apropos of nothing, a fellow diner approached her while she was at dinner with her husband Eddie Cibrian and his kids.

Rimes didn’t relay exactly what was said, but had the following to say:

“How dare someone come to me at a table with the boys and tell me I need to eat something. What is wrong with people?

As I’m stuffing my face….have another drink and maybe take a class in manners! Cheers!”

Rimes got some sympathy from her fans, but a few Twitter followers gave her a bit of the same critique. One fan told Rimes that “lots of folks think [she is] getting too thin” and commented she was beginning to “look 12 years old.”

Rimes’ ire was provoked again. She angrily responded:

“Once again, I’m done talking to rude people who have no right to have an opinion on my body. Out of line… If it happened to someone who wasn’t a ‘celebrity’ it would be rude, but to a public figure it’s socially [acceptable]?”

While Rimes received mixed feedback, she asserted to her fans that the patron did not have a right to interrupt her family dinner with what she perceived as a “judgement” about her physique. Would you ever say something so intrusive to anyone, much less a celebrity?

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32 Responses to “LeAnn Rimes Confronted About Weight Loss by Random Fellow Diner”

  1. Dawn Pierro Collins

    Well, I have no idea why people think it is appropriate to point out to someone how "thin" they are. It is not acceptable to go up to someone and say "Hey, you are a fat cow." So why do people think the reverse is alright?

  2. Natilee Marie Busby

    Yeah that's pretty rude but My sister is her massage therapist and she said she's rude and is so skinny she's gross to touch and no one wants to massage her cuz all her bones stick out

  3. Trina Garcia- Santos

    don't even like her…she just needs to shut up and keep her nose in her huband and the fact that she helped tear apart a marriage and broke her ex's heart to begin with…..she can wither away for all I care and yeah people I AM BEING JUDGEMENTAL!

  4. Candice DeLorenzo

    just like dawn said, would you say the same thing to a fat person sitting and eating their dinner? she might just have a fast metabolism, who knows or cares. everybody who thinks she's too skinny is too stupid to realize everyone's body is different and too fat to do anything but complain and b*tch at all the good-looking skinny people. she looks GREAT. now can we please move on?

  5. Beth Incorvati

    I would have just sent over (anonymously) a really big dessert!

  6. Soila Jean Blackwell

    Who gets people. it's always, "you're too fat or you're too skinny. make up your minds! If she ate more and gained weight then people would probably criticize her for it too! and say she needs to lose weight.

  7. Janice Johnstone Rannie

    It may not be acceptable to go up to someone and say "Hey, you are a fat cow." but I hate to tell you that they do! and feel that they are perfectly within their right to do so.

  8. Christopher Sadler

    and those people are also rude disrespectful and wrong just like this person who felt the need to step outside of a line with LeAnn Rimes, she is a person just like the rest of us and deserves respect the same.

  9. Nicolas Eros De Fiori

    It is rude for a complete stranger to give an unsolicited opinion of another person's body (celebrity or not, kids present or not). That was definietly wrong. BUT I disagree that the fan does not have the right to judge LeeAnn's body. Everybody has the right to judge anyone's body, expecially a celebrity's. Celebtrities are, after all, dependent on the judgement of their fans for their livelyhood. They knew that when they got into show business and should not complain about it.

  10. Johanna Fredrics

    You guys are sooo right!! If they don't say it to my face, their looks of disgust say it all. Plus, they feel like they are somehow doing you a favor. Being confronted about your weight is not treated like the blantant assault it is.

  11. Betty Atkins

    She should be glad her fans are so concerned…they are the ones that made it happen for her…maybe she should look in the mirror closer.

  12. Chris Accomando

    I think leAnn Rimes is acting very strange since she met Eddie Cibrian. She seems like she lost her mind or something or is on drugs. She definitely dosen't seem all there. I'm sure the bubble will break soon enough. Time definitely does that. As far as LeAnn's weight she definitely seems like she has issues. Nothing more to say about it just hope she realizes she has a brain before she is another celebrity that has a tragic ending. I also think Eddie married LeAnn for her money and status, he's a average actor looking to get some news on him, everyone can see that. LeAnn is no prize in the looks department. Eddie loves all the attention and goodies he's getting from rich Leann and the media. LEANN WAKE UP.

  13. Rebecca Cooke

    There are more important things to worry about in this world than how fat or skinny celebrities are…. people need to get a life lol

  14. Barbara Scott

    I have to admit that it was very rude of those people to say that to her and in front of her family even. It is her decision as to how she wants to look, I just hope that she takes care of herself and keeps healthy for her sake.

  15. Soni Sampson

    throw down a big mac, fries, vanilla milkshake and a another big mac…..staple her mouth…..make her "keep" it— hee heee…

  16. Tina Jakes

    The public now has a bizarre idea of beauty– a total obsession with weight and health. You are judged by how you look for the most part. I would have never said anything to her regardless of how I felt. I don't particularly care for her anyway.

  17. Eydie Sanders

    do you really need to be told that it's wrong to be rude? sadly, this society does. rudeness is accepted as the norm these days. everyone has an opinion and that's okay, but you need to keep it to yourself unless you are specifically asked.that said, she may need an intervention, but that is her families or her doctor's place, not yours.

  18. Tiffany Olson

    I've had a few friends with eating disorders. Going up to a celebrity is out of line, but obviously since we aren't seeing her day to day "eating" habits, we know something is up and it's too darn bad that if we feel the need to say something about it! Obviously her family isn't saying anything about it. Maybe then if people go up to them and interrupt them in public for HER SAFETY then maybe they'll get a clue and see something isn't right. I for one, don't believe she's eating a healthy lifestyle right now. I know this guy probably seemed out of line, but sometimes when you care about someone, you don't think about how much they're going to not like it. People with eating disorders HATE it when you point out that they need to eat more. And most celebrities would honestly probably shrug it off once they made ONE statement about their eating habits. She's arguing her point REPEATEDLY. Somethings not right. I just hope her family and loved one's do something about it soon.

  19. Barbara McAdams

    Yes, she does respect, but maybe some people are just worried about her. Please remember Karen Carpenter. She's not with us today…

  20. Joe Sauder

    Do they have the RIGHT to do it. yeah, they do. is it rude? IMO yeah. People have EVERY right to form their own opinions. They even have the RIGHT to voice them. Just because their opinion is about you, or you disagree with their opinion, doesn't revoke their right to have it (an opinion.

    no that that's said, I Do think the other person was quite rude. whether your too skinny or too fat, its not polite to publicly announce it.

    You all might call me sick.. but I think she's hot. =P

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