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Bristol Palin Birth: Tripp Easton Mitchell Johnston


Bristol Palin, the 18-year-old daughter of Alaska Governor and failed GOP VP Candidate has given birth.

Tripp Easton Mitchell Johnston was born on Sunday, weighing 7 pounds, 4 ounces (3.3kg).

Relative Colleen Jones told People Magazine that the baby is fine and Bristol is “doing well.”

Bristol Palin was, at least for a short time America’s most famous pregnant teen, after her mother was forced to disclose the pregnany after accepting the Republican Vice Presidential slot. Her relationship with the child’s father, and their family has continued to remain gossip fodder, particularly after the child’s grandmother was arrested on drugs charges.

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4 Responses to “Bristol Palin Birth: Tripp Easton Mitchell Johnston”

  1. Katherine

    Ignorance personified, not one educated person in the family.

    “Tripp” is the traditional preppy nickname for a child born “the third”, same with “Trey” (French for three). One calls one’s son “Trip” or “Trey” if the father and grandfather of the exact same name are still living. One does NOT use these nicknames on birth certificates.

    The father Levi and Bristol having named their son Tripp, no doubt they believe this is an upper class appellation.

    The family is a white trash joke.

  2. fregger

    Some reports say he was born Sunday, others Saturday — in either case, on a day with few people in the hospital. Obviously, no real reporting on this, just repetition of announcements made by the family. No medical reports again, or any evidence — how do we know it is even hers, and that she didn't just adopt it?

  3. Sheeeze

    Why are the minute by minute details of this ANY of your business? Who care?

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