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Misty Holt-Singh Used As A Human Shield During California Bank Robbery, Family Blames Cops For Tragedy

Misty Holt-Singh Used As A Human Shield During California Bank Robbery, Family Blames Cops For Tragedy

Misty Holt-Singh was used as a human shield during the California bank robbery that ended with three people dead.

In a related report by The Inquisitr, a different man robbed the bank where his girlfriend works in order to afford an engagement ring.

The three bank robbers targeted the Bank of the West Branch and took female hostages at gunpoint, including Misty Holt-Singh. The 41-year-old woman had run into the bank while leaving her 12-year-old daughter Mia behind the in car, thinking she would only be a minute or two before returning. Instead, when the bank robbers stole a SUV and took off in a high-speed chase which ended in Misty’s death.

Holt-Singh’s cousin, Stephanie Miller Rodriguez, said that Misty and Mia had originally planned on meeting her at a local salon:

“She and Mia were coming to get their hair done, but she didn’t show up. I texted her on her cell phone and her daughter texted me back saying that the bank was being held up and that her mom had been taken hostage. I came home thinking she was OK because Mia had her phone, but found out later that she was killed in the gunfire. I’ve just been in a state of shock since then.”

Stockton Police Officer Joe Silva said robber Jaime Ramos used Misty Holt-Singh as a human shield during the car chase. The bank robber was not injured during the gun fight and it is currently unclear who actually shot Holt-Singh, whether it be the bank robbers or police officers. The other two hostages in the SUV were also shot and thrown from the vehicle but they are expected to survive their injuries.

In an interview with Fox 40, another cousin calling himself Devin J. claimed the police did not handle the California bank robbery correctly:

“They had plenty of opportunities to stop it because they were going into Stockton this way and that. They had plenty of time to lay down tracks (spike strips) and whoever the dispatcher was didn’t want to lay down the tracks. They wanted to wait until SWAT (could arrive). That’s not right when you can stop something from the beginning. That’s what they should have done — not speed it in and out of Stockton to highway 12. That’s not right.”

Regardless of who actually shot Misty Holt-Singh, her sister-in-law Kumal Sidhu Singh says, “Today, a mother, wife, daughter and sister was taken from our family in a senseless tragedy. If there is a bigger plan, I really don’t understand. Our hearts are shattered… and our family will never again be the same.”

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10 Responses to “Misty Holt-Singh Used As A Human Shield During California Bank Robbery, Family Blames Cops For Tragedy”

  1. Leighton Cavendish

    Easy to Monday morning quarterback….love that it is not the robbers' fault…police have deeper pockets for a lawsuit.
    Interesting to see what autopsy shows. If bullet is from robbers…may change how this story ends up.

  2. Elee Zimmerman

    Agreed. It's a shame how these stories are sometimes spun. Maybe California should just do away with law officers completely. That'll solve the problem. Not.

  3. Tony Ventana

    The dead hostage was in the wrong place at the wrong time doing the wrong thing. Stuck in the middle of a gunfight is lethal.

  4. Kajun Klown

    So running into a bank to either make a deposit or withdrawal or cash a check is being in the wrong place doing the wrong thing? I will agree it was the wrong time.

  5. Tom Tweed

    Ask yourself, would those cops put what looked like 40 or 50 rounds into that car, if it were a policeman's wife or daughter that were hostage? That is the real question here.

  6. Linda Nelson

    Good grief: Yes to wrong place, wrong time. However, doing wrong thing like going to a bank to get money to get your hair done? WRONG THING? I think not. Stuck in the middle of a gunfight is lethal IF IT WAS YOUR CHOICE. This girl was a hostage and the car should not have been shot up by police PERIOD.

  7. Linda Nelson

    Do you two actually think it was one bullet that killed this girl? With the looks of the car she died from MULTIPLE POLICE gunshot wounds. Even if the surviving robber did use her as a human shield she didn't stand a chance. It goes without saying the robbers were the bad guys but in a hostage situation negotiation IS the only answer. This dear lady was not given minimal consideration.

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