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Mitt Romney Home Being Razed To Build Mansion During Recession Driven Campaign

Mitt Romney 2012

What are “job creators” doing to help spur the economy? If you’re Mitt Romney you’re petitioning the city of San Diego to bulldoze your meager little 3,009 square foot home so you can build a much more comfortable 11,062 square foot home in it’s original place.

Republican presidential candidate Mitt Romney petitioned the board in his affluent La Jolla neighborhood for permission to build his new two story home.

According to Romney originally purchased the half-acre lots for $12 million and at that time he told reporters:

“I wanted to be where I could hear the waves,” while adding, “As a boy we spent summers on Lake Huron and I could hear the crashing waves at night. It was one of my favorite things in the world.”

In what can only be described as a horrendous attempt to hide his wealth during his presidential run his camp says he won’t start building the home until the primaries are completed and the Presidential race is completed should he be elected as the GOP candidate for President.

“Construction will not begin until the permits have been obtained and the campaign is finished,” an official told Politico, while citing that the 11,000+ square feet were needed for his big family, revealing:

“They want to enlarge their two-bedroom home because with five married sons and 16 grandchildren it is inadequate for their needs.”

All I heard from that statement was “let them eat cake” then again I haven’t had dinner yet, perhaps that’s my problem. Seriously though, this is as bad as Al Gore talking about fixing the environment while living in a mansion that consumes as much power as my entire small town block.

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5 Responses to “Mitt Romney Home Being Razed To Build Mansion During Recession Driven Campaign”

  1. Curtis Rider

    And what the HELL is his personal bussiness any of our bussiness. MITT ROMNEY earned his wealth, let him enjoy it with his posterity! oh, I forgot the democrats want to take from the rich and give to all us who don't have it. GET OFF ROMNEY'S BACK about what he does with his money and investments. accept the fact he's a very good bussinessman and has the financial to support such, something most of the presidentail contenders don't have, along with the high morals and values he has. I may not have a home, large savings etc, but I have a job and I'm sure glad I can go to work just to support my family and I and pay the monthly bills, yes, most months it's just getting by. AS MITT HAS PROVEN, HE IS VERY IN TUNE WITH THE ECONOMY, HOW TO PUT PEOPLE TO WORK AND HELP ALL, YES ALL OF THE PEOPLE OF THE US, HE WILL BE A DAM GOOD PRESIDENT FOR 2012. MY VOTE IS FOR MITT, HE'S THE ONLY ONE OF THE GOP CONTENDERS THAT WILL GET RID OF THE INDIOT IN THE WHITEHOUSE THAT WE CURRENTLY HAVE.

  2. Paul Johnson

    His message is still right. Mitt has money, the US government doesn't. Would we were all in his position. I'd rather trust the economy to someone who knows how business functions and is a turnaround artist than someone who has no clue but envies those who've had success to the point they begrudge them their own wealth.

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