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Maggie Gyllenhaal Talks Female Sexuality on Discovery’s ‘Curiosity’


On Sunday night (Aug. 21) actress Maggie Gyllenhaal appeared on Discovery’s Curiosity series to school viewers on the science behind a highly complex subject matter – female sexuality.

Curiosity – a new show whose August 7 premiere featured theoretical physicist Stephen Hawking attempting to answer the question “Is there a god?” – feeds our desire for knowledge by offering up explanations on some of the most pertinent questions of our age.

Following the one-hour special on the existence of God, actress Michelle Rodriguez hosted the series’ second episode which tackled the pressing matter of “what really would happen on earth if aliens attacked us?”

Now that Curiosity has covered both God and aliens, the series moves on to an equally enigmatic mystery – the female orgasm.

“We wanted to make a film about female sexuality in particular, which has often been more debated than male sexuality, which is pretty straight forward,” Simon Andreae, the show’s Senior Executive Producer told Fox News.

According to Andrae, Maggie was chosen to host this particular episode because of her envelope-pushing resume – she has starred in “edgy, independent movies specifically about sexuality” in the past and just recently finished up filming a controversial movie about the invention of the vibrator in the 19th century (trailer below).

“I asked if she would be interested in collaborating with us on a film that explores the nature of female sexuality and whether the female orgasm helps in conception, how it evolved, why it’s there, what it means, and so on, and she was immediately fascinated,” he revealed.

Future episodes for the series include a special where Robin Williams discusses how drugs work, Eli Roth delving into the nature of evil, and Samuel L. Jackson responding to “How will the world end?”

“Curiosity” airs on the Discovery Channel on Sundays at 8pm.

Check out Gyllenhaal in the trailer for Hysteria below and let us know your thoughts on the upcoming film – funny or inappropriate?

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28 Responses to “Maggie Gyllenhaal Talks Female Sexuality on Discovery’s ‘Curiosity’”

  1. Alvin Voider

    why do some idiots post things like that? what is your goal in doing so? to prove you belong back in a cave?

    "talking about the female organism in a totally appropriate venue…eew!". you must be a freakin' genius.

  2. Stacey Edwards

    ummmmm…. how can ANYONE in journalism confuse Stephen Hawking with some guy called"Richard Dawkins?" Seriously- rewrite and edit is in order!

  3. James Johnson

    Stacey, you are absolutely correct, I went in and change it. Although Dawkins would claim "Is there a God" even more than Hawking 😉

  4. Stacey Edwards

    @ Linda,apology accepted in advance. I guess you have had to watch the show to know the difference, but it's hard to confuse Hawking with anyone else on the planet…

  5. Stacey Edwards

    Wendy, of course Justice HAD to watch it, Hawkins is her hero! I let her stay up past her bed-time and she was in awe over the show… I think I'm going to get her a poster of him for her room… miss you guys!

  6. Linda Nevin

    ok, your right and im wrong. I should have guessed, ,,,Hawkings is an atheist. Wow, Im really impressed someone really reads the comments!! ,..besides you stacey! :) I just wrote a comment today about SH since they found a strong connection/cure to ALS. I remember Hawkins in a wheel chair in the 70's and wondered how he lived this long. Random thoughts.

  7. Linda Nevin

    Ok, I'll say it,..Im wrong and your right. I should have guessed that knowing SH is an atheist. Just commented about him this morning on the possible cure for ALS. Could never figure out how he has lived so long. He was in a wheel chair in the 70"S with a translator/nurse. Anyway, you are a good sport. Actually very impressed that someone reads the comments,… besides you stacey, lol They owe you for this one. Keep up the good work!!!

  8. Stacey Edwards

    Linda, it's all good! I just wanted to point out to the author that he was incorrect, since my daughter and I watched the show! I read the article too about finding the cause for ALS, and since I work with children that use Augmentative Voice-output devices, I thought it was amazing!SH is such an inspiration to many of my kiddos who are learning to use AT devices, and it is amazing how he has fought ALS for so long…

  9. Amy Jones

    So glad Ms. Gyllenhaal is taking the subject of female sexuality into the limelight. It is much needed! Her next move should be to learn the practice of Orgasmic Meditation! That's where female sexuality really gets the attention it deserves.

  10. Keith Paolino

    I wonder if she knows that there's a modern version of the practice that Hysteria talks about. Thankfully this one can be done at home, without a prescription.

  11. Brenda Wolf

    This is wonderful if for the sole reason that it talks about female orgasm, a subject still so "touchy"…

    I myself also found some of the best information on female orgasm at the Welcomed Consensus. They are "hands-on" female orgasm researchers and sex educators at and have the latest cutting edge information on female orgasm.

    Yes, they research female orgasm, "hands-on", 365 days a year, and have for over 25 years. They are the most accurate source I have found so far, especially their female orgasm videos (The technique of peaking and extended orgasm) showing a woman being brought and maintained to orgasm for over 30 minutes.

    My partner and I have used the Deliberate Orgasm practice that gave birth to Slow Sex for years now.
    We love the DVD Orgasm at the First Touch that has a live demonstration and the step by step on how to give it and how to receive it orgasm at the first touch.

    Deliberate Orgasm revolutionizes and changes sex forever making it easy for every woman to be orgasmic leading to great sex.

    Congratulations to Maggie Gyllenhaal and also Rachel Maines for her great research and wonderful book The technology of Orgasm on female sexuality that inspired many.

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