Kacy Catanzaro demolishes the American Ninja Warrior qualifying course

Kacy Catanzaro: Inspirational Five Foot Tall, 100 Pound Gymnast Becomes First Woman To Pass Qualifying For American Ninja Warrior [VIDEO]

In one of the most inspirational videos you’ll see today, watch as 5 foot tall, 100 pound Kacy Catanzaro absolutely demolishes the “American Ninja Warrior” qualifying course to become the first woman to make it to Mt. Midoriyama.

Named as the 2012 NCAA Gymnast of the year, Catanzaro put every bit of her small frame to work as she breezes through the course in impressive fashion and showcasing her elite athleticism.

According to the Washington Post, Catanzaro moves on to the American Ninja Warrior finals where she has the chance to compete against other qualifiers and win a cash prize of $500,000.

Check out this incredible video of Kacy Catanzaro with over 3 million views already and be inspired!

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