This is the biggest BLT ever

We’ve all seen mammoth-sized food creations before, but the ginormous concoction that Saint Louis-based Iron Barley came up with is one of the most impressive I’ve seen in some time.

In an attempt to break the previous record for the largest BLT sandwich (209 feet long, 16 inches wide), Iron Barley upped the ante by crafting a massive 224-foot, 18-inch monster of a BLT.

What does it take to make a BLT of that size? As you no doubt can imagine, quite a lot:

600 pounds of bacon
440 pounds of bread
550 pounds of tomatoes
220 heads lettuce
110 pounds butter
60 gallons mayo

All in all, the new world’s largest BLT weighs in at roughly 1,980 pounds – and that’s not even mentioning the 1/4 of a tank of propane required to toast the whole thing, mind you.

If you’d like a better look at the new king of BLTs, check out the video below.

Source: Riverfront Times (via Gizmodo)