Girl Saves Two Sisters: 11-Year-Old Girl Carries Her Two Sisters Out Of Burning Home

A girl saves her two sisters when a fire breaks out in her home, and she’s now being heralded a hero. According to, 11-year-old Rubye was home with her mom’s husband, Jerry, and her two younger sisters, Katie, 4, and Saphira, 1. There was a bad thunderstorm in the area, and the power in the family’s neighborhood went out. Jerry decided to go next door to check on his neighbor, leaving Rubye home with her two sisters for a bit. In that small bit of time, however, something very serious happened.

A fire broke out in the Capers’ home. Rubye says that she was playing on her iPod when she noticed the flames. She recalled:

“I was on the floor of the living room with Katie in my lap and Saphira asleep. I was playing on my iPod when I looked over and saw smoke and flames coming from the wall under the air conditioner. I thought to myself, ‘I’m getting out of here and I am taking my sisters with me.'”

The girl saved her two sisters, carrying them out the front door and over to their neighbor’s house. Rubye says that the flames were approaching the door just moments after she and her two sisters got outside. When asked how she knew what to do, Rubye attributed her quick thinking to a lesson from local firemen who visited her school to talk about what to do in an emergency situation.

Rubye explained:

“They said to get out and go to a neighbor and that is what I did.”

Meanwhile, Jerry saw the smoke coming out of his home and rushed over, thinking that the girls may have been trapped. Unable to open the front door, Jerry kicked it down and ran inside. He searched the home as best he could, and made sure the girls weren’t inside before getting himself to safety. He suffered burns on his hands, but everyone was safe. The family’s home, however, was a total loss.

In an article written by The Inquisitr, you can see what it is like to run into a fire. A camera on a firefighter’s helmet depicts the scary situation, likely close to what Jerry went through when he rushed into his home to ensure that the girls were safe.

According to ABC 3, the American Red Cross is helping the Capers family. They will have hotel accommodations paid for through Tuesday.

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