Justin Timberlake Gives Long Island Boy With Deadly Disease The Time Of His Life

Justin Timberlake has a terrific reputation for putting on a good show, but he’s more than a performer. As busy as his schedule is, Timberlake made sure to make some time for a Long Island boy with a deadly and painful skin disease.

Robbie Twible, 12, is a huge Justin Timberlake fan, and on Thursday night, he was given the surprise of a lifetime when a limo showed up at his Long Island home to take him to Timberlake’s concert. It was a huge surprise for young Robbie, but something his family made possible because it was on his bucket list. Timberlake made sure to secure front row tickets for Twible’s mother and his little sister for the Hammerstein Ballroom show in New York City.

Before they arrived at the theater, Robbie was treated to a gift basket with t-shirts and laminated VIP passes as they rode to the venue. In his own words, he says the experience was “life-changing. Maybe it’ll sink in by the end of next week.”

justins act of true kindlness

Robbie suffers from a rare skin disease called epidermolysis bullosa that’s often very painful due to blisters that form all over his skin and organs. Robbie’s parents were told that he wouldn’t survive infancy, but fortunately he did, even though he has to take painful treatments every single day. For a few hours, Robbie was able to forget about the pain and dance his way through Timberlake’s set.

To make things even better, Timberlake dedicated his hit song “Mirrors” to Robbie. According to his father, “He’s still in awe of everything. He’s still absorbing all of this.” In addition to the fun at the Timberlake concert, Justin also spent ten minutes backstage with Twible’s family and made sure to pose for a goofy photo.

Twible’s week of fun didn’t stop there. According to the New York Daily News, he was able to meet his Broadway idols, the cast of the Jersey Boys. On Saturday, Robbie was plucked from the audience to dance with the boys at the August Wilson Theater.

robbie twible with cast of the jersey boys

The final accomplishment on his bucket list is to meet Timberlake’s friend, talk show host Ellen DeGeneres. It’s uncertain whether or not he’ll get to meet DeGenerous, but Robbie’s mother Kathy said that his time with Timberlake lessened his painful experience.

“I have to inflict all this pain when I change his bandages. And I look up and he’s watching Justin’s shout-out to him on YouTube. It’s less painful with that. He has that now, and he’ll always have that.”